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davidgoodsellDavid Goodsell Lecture

Coming in April 21th

Social Hour 6PM

Meeting 7PM


Social Hour 6PM

Meeting 7PM

What is this lecture about? Here is what David told our prez…..

Sorry I missed your phone call.

I am not a sleight-of-hand artist, Frank, but after 50 years in magic, 30 as editor of M-U-M magazine, and everything that has gone with it, I think I have come up with a few clever ideas.
I would classify my lecture as general magic, which means magic that I have used for family audiences, and from kid shows to family reunions to senior centers. I have a strong interest in story magic. In fact, my first lecture at The London Magic Circle, many years ago, was quite well received primarily because I told five stories about the Wild West, each illustrated by a trick.
My lecture will include children’s magic, mentalism, story magic, including what might be called bizarre magic, and some card items that require elementary sleight of hand, and some that use packets of colorful cards that magicians can make themselves. I will also demonstrate and explain Golden Oldies, MiraclESPell, You’re the Star and The Golden Snitch, four successful items I marketed in recent years. My notes will explain how to make them up for oneself. I guess I offer a little bit of everything, and nothing is beyond the ability of the average magician.
I will have a few items for sale, including my best-selling (500 sold) “You’re The Star” children’s trick and some story tricks using packets of handsome hand-made cards. I have four sets of lecture notes in a CD format. These are not just quick and dirty notes, which is always the concern about CD notes, but actual PDF booklets of 40 – 70 pages, with color pages where appropriate, that can be printed on a computer or at the local print shop, although many magicians seem to prefer them in electronic format nowadays. Most of the items include the scripts for my personal patter, my reasoning behind my patter and presentation, occasional background and historical material, and often a bit of my personal philosophy about performing magic. That’s what we old guys do! That is, considerable thinking has gone into these notes.

Where is all this happening?

CoCo’s Bakery & Restaurant

4514 E Cactus Rd Phoenix, AZ 85032





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