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Tuesday, September 19th

Paul Draper Lecture

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Paul Draper Lecture: Mentalism
Paul Draper Lecture
Extraordinaire Magician Paul Draper has traveled the world in search of Magic and Mysteries for inspiration on his award winning show, Mysteries of the Mind.  He is an anthropologist, magician, mentalist, and scholar. Considered an expert in mentalism, magic history, and various aspects of human consciousness, you may have seen his appearances on the History Channel, A&E, HBO, Hallmark, Travel Channel, and HGTV among others. Paul has lectured as both a magician and expert speaker at Yale, Apple Corporation Headquarters, The Magic Castle, and The Magic Circle in London. A respected Las Vegas entertainer, Paul has recently performed in “Applause” at Planet Hollywood and hundreds of shows at the Venetian.  For Mysteries of the Mind, Paul Draper was chosen as the 2014 Merlin Award winner for Best Corporate Performer by the International Magician’s Society. The Lecture With over 15 years as a premiere magician and celebrity mentalist, Paul Draper has a large number of routines in his arsenal he will discuss and lecture upon.  Moreover, he will give insights and subtleties based on his illustrious career that only he can.  In his new lecture, some highlights include:    • Hammond ESP – Among the best and most versatile piece of strolling ESP Card Magic Paul uses, he utilizes this in every show: Close up, strolling, and Stage. • The Crazy Cube – Paul’s handling, featuring all new ideas for this classic prop of mentalism • Body Magic & Kinesthesiology – Ever been asked to do some impromptu mentalism? Topics include methods of how to magnetize yourself to the earth, and how to make the strongest man weak.  • A Better Book Test – Impromptu Hoy Book Test and how to perform it to maximum effect.  • And Much Much More including: Tips on “center tear” in real world situations. Dealing with the “So you’re a mentalist, what am I thinking?” question. “To Disclaim or Not to Disclaim.” Séances for Fun and Profit! Q&A.


 E Mescal St. Scottsdale, AZ 85254   ( Pueblo Norte Senior Living )
( near Scottsdale Rd and Shea Blvd)
As you enter the complex, turn right until you see the sign below and enter the parking lot of the right entrance.



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