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Ring 55 March Meeting


Hello All Ring 55 members. March is here (but as of this writing it sure doesn’t feel like it) Our March meeting will be Tuesday March 20th at Pueblo Norte in Scottsdale. The theme for this month’s meeting is:



Every month we all or almost all of us get the Linking Ring Magazine as part of our National IBM dues and believe it or not there is a LOT of GREAT magic contained in those pages every month. Just ask Jay Gorham, every month Jay brings something really good to perform and teach and 9 times out of 10 it came from the Linking Ring. I know most of just scan the ads, check the obit section to make sure we’re still alive and then look for our names in the Ring Report (when it does get sent in) so grab ANY Linking Ring, find an effect you like and perform it at the meeting. You can also do an effect out of Genii, Magic Magazine, MUM or People Magazine.

(OK I threw in People Mag just to see if you’re paying attention) Bring the copy of the magazine or a print out of the effect if you can. That way those who wish to learn the effect can find the material.

Bob Coluzzi just sent out dues notices so dig under your cushions, look under your car seat and check your pockets to come up with your dues of $35.

And the END of my term as President IS NEAR!! Just a reminder in April it’s time to throw me out of office and do your civic/magic duty and elect new officers.

Social hour is 6 to 7pm with meeting starting promptly at 7pm.

Reminder eat something BEFORE you come as there is no food.

Pueblo Norte

7090 E Mescal St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85254


 E Mescal St. Scottsdale, AZ 85254   ( Pueblo Norte Senior Living )
( near Scottsdale Rd and Shea Blvd)
As you enter the complex, turn right until you see the sign below and enter the parking lot of the right entrance.



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