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July 21st 7pm

A Magic Lecture

by Barry Schor

(Presto Magic Studio)

Barry has spent over 30 years working “behind the counter” as a magic dealer and has picked up an enormous amount of knowledge from thousands of customers. He wants to share many of these valuable ideas with you. No matter what type of magic you prefer- kids performing, comedy magic, mentalism, card magic, close-up, parlor or stage magic, there will be great ideas for everyone, all presented in a very relaxed way!

Barry is a magic dealer but this is NOT a dealer’s show. This new lecture is packed full of ideas, instruction, and entertainment! He will have a few “toys” for sale, including the debut release of one of his personal effects that he has pretty much secret for 30 years!

Bring a note pad and prepare yourself for an educational & fun night of magic!!

7090 E Mescal St. Scottsdale, AZ 85254   ( Pueblo Norte Senior Living ) 


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