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This month, a message from our Ring #55 President Robert Ray:

Welcome to your first and possibly last message from your current IBM Ring 55 President. I hope you’re all staying healthy and safe. I’ve reached the end of my term and I hope you all have had fun and gotten some value from our meetings. It’s been fun for me. I want to say thank you for your membership and continued support and participation in the club! We couldn’t survive without you!

First of all RIP Roy Horn. A legend of magic who will always live on in our fondest memories of him. Thank you for all you’ve done for magic Roy! We welcome any personal comments or stories you would like to share of your experiences with Seigfried & Roy, please let us know.

Now off to a long email for you. Here we go……

Second, I wanted to say I am sincerely sorry if I’ve been at all a disappointment as a President. Just doing the best I could to hold the torch and keep the clubs alive. As current VP of SAM 248 and President of IBM Ring #55 I do feel I could have done more to make sure the clubs survive. So take this as my formal public apology…that said…we need some new torch holders to step up to the board!

Curt Godsey has done a fantastic job as secretary for Ring #55. He’s really gone all out for this club and we need to let him know he’s appreciated. Bruce Lindvig as our treasurer too! We would appreciate some members stepping up to share in these roles. As it is now we are looking for someone to take over IBM Ring #55 officers. If that’s you, please let us know! We are all willing to hold our positions for another year if no one steps up. I’m happy to step into the role of VP for IBM Ring #55 if someone wants to take the Presidents title. I’m willing to hold my position if everyone agrees and no one else steps up, same for Curt and Bruce. We are certainly open for others to step in but need to have input from the rest of the members.

Also because of the COVID-19 situation, we don’t feel it would be wise to hold our meetings face to face pending local government recommendations. I have created a free to you Zoom happy hour for magicians that’s called the “Magic Thirsty Thursdays” at three PM Every Thursday! If you would like to join in please text me at 480-341-3590 with your name and phone #stating that you would like to join us. Joining this group will help you get Zoom figured out if you haven’t yet. If you need more info please contact me by e-mail or phone.

We will do a test run at 6pm of a Zoom social hour for IBM Ring #55 on Wednesday May 20th at 7pm for one hour. This will be to get everyone comfortable with logging in to the Zoom meetings. If you’ve paid your Ring #55 dues thank you so much. If you haven’t paid your dues please do so asap. We are going to employ the honor system for now, but remember we are a non-profit and your dues keep the clubs alive.

We will have our first online Zoom lecture with Eric Steven’s who has lectured for us in the past and was fantastic! He’s back with brand new stuff to share, see the attachment, on May 27th at 6pm social hour and 7pm to 9pm lecture. This will be on Zoom and if you would like to be there text me and I’ll be sure to text you the link and password to the Ring #55 Zoom lecture room.

If you haven’t done so, make sure to friend me on Facebook and join my page for magicians called “The Distanced Magicians & Mentalists”. Also look for IBM Ring #55 group and SAM #248 group on Facebook. This will help us all be more connected.

Finally, as we are a brotherhood of magicians I felt it appropriate to reach out to my brothers of magic and say if you need to talk, or if you need anything, please reach out to one of us. We are all in this together! Please also send your prayers and well wishes to Brad and Brenda Zinn, as Brad is going through cancer treatment. Do the same for our brother Joe Petrashek. Send them both whatever magic, healing prayers, and well wishes that you can!

I’ll be doing a fundraiser to raise some money for Joe and his treatments, not sure when yet but it will  be online. If you would like to perform or participate in helping me make this successful and fun please reach out to me.

Thank you for allowing me to be your President of Ring #55 for 2 years. I’ve been enriched from knowing each of you, thank you for your time and attention.

I look forward to your responses and suggestions, questions and comments.

Again I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, we will make it through this!

Your brother and friend in magic:

~Robert Ray



IBM ring 55 President

SAM 248 Vice president

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006049848050 which is my Facebook profile…I’m looking for every IBM and SAM member on FB to join me there.

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