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Ring 55 February Meeting


Hello All Ring 55 members. February is going to be a BIG month for Ring 55. First off our regular meeting is February 20th at Pueblo Norte in Scottsdale. The theme for this month’s meeting is:


Do A Magic Effect You Love!

That’s right! We all have that one effect that we absolutely love to perform. So here’s your chance to show it off to the assembled masses. You can explain it if you wish or just “Keep it your little secret” the choice is yours.


And to balance things – since there must be balance in life you can also perform or talk about:


I Hate This !@#$&*!@# Trick

Come on we all have a trick like this. Probably something we saw online and bought only to find out I HATE this trick or effect. Maybe it’s too angle sensitive, too sleight heavy, lousy props – whatever. You don’t have to perform it just bring it and talk about it.


On to other news Bob Coluzzi just sent out dues notices so dig under your cushions, look under your car seat and check your pockets to come up with your dues of $35.


And the END of my term as President IS NEAR!! Just a reminder in April it’s time to throw me out of office and do your civic/magic duty and elect new officers.


So come on out to Pueblo Norte for a night of Love and Hate and everything in between. Social hour is 6 to 7pm with meeting starting promptly at 7pm.


Reminder eat something BEFORE you come as there is no food.


Pueblo Norte

7090 E Mescal St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85254


 E Mescal St. Scottsdale, AZ 85254   ( Pueblo Norte Senior Living )
( near Scottsdale Rd and Shea Blvd)
As you enter the complex, turn right until you see the sign below and enter the parking lot of the right entrance.



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