Broken Wand: Eugene Burger

It is with heavy hearts that we, friends of Eugene Burger, inform you that Eugene has passed away in Chicago at the age of 78.
Eugene enjoyed a long, healthy life, but was very recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Even so, his death today came more quickly than expected, and we are deeply shocked and saddened by his loss.

We know that in the days, weeks, and months ahead, countless things will be written and said about Eugene, and we will share more information, too. But for now we want to tell you that Eugene embraced his situation with great clarity, humor, and peace of mind. As he said one day, “Now I am on the way to the ultimate capital M Mystery of life.”

Please join us in remembering and celebrating Eugene, a rare and wonderful person who has meant so much to us and to magicians all over the world.

RIP Eugene

  • Chicago’s Best Magician”
    – Chicago Magazine, Best of Chicago Issue
  • Dean, McBride’s Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas, NV
  • Recipient, Performing Fellowship, The Magic Castle, Hollywood, California
  • Two-time Recipient, Close-Up Magician of the Year, The Magic Castle, Hollywood, California
  • Two-time Recipient, Lecturer of the Year, The Magic Castle, Hollywood, California
  • “Eugene Burger is one of the most respected names in close-up magic today.”
    – Chicago Tribune
  • “One of Chicago’s best loved magicians.”
    – Crain’s Chicago Business
  • “Eugene Burger is perhaps the most eminent Chicago magician.”
    – New City
  • Merlin Award, Close-Up Magician of the Year, 2010, International Magicians Society
  • “One of the 100 most influential magicians of the 20th century.”
    – MAGIC Magazine
  • “Burger’s magic is simply jaw-dropping.”
    – L. A. Weekly
  • “For decades Eugene Burger has been recognized by magicians and the public as one of the finest
    and most engaging magicians alive.”

    – Genii Magazine
  • 2012 FISM (International Federation of Magical Societies) Special Award for Theory and Philosophy


In response to popular demand we have planned another MAGIC SATURDAY for August 19th at 12 noon sharp.  Mark your calendar now and please RSVP so we can secure the space at Pueblo Norte.

Our friend Craig Brooks has come up with an excellent theme for this gathering:

New/Old Magic (or is it Old/New Magic?).  He explains it this way; we all have acquired, purchased, or learned a “new” effect or method only to find out it is based upon an old principle or handling that’s been around for some time.  This applies to stand-up and stage or platform Magic as well as close-up.

On Magic Saturday you are invited to bring a trick or two to share with the group.

There will be a standard magician’s table on-site should you want to bring an example of a larger trick.

Of course, you are encouraged to bring something you are working on and might want suggestions on to develop a stronger handling.

…or you might just want to show off your latest treasure.  😉

Larry the Magish

Wizard Magic Shop Moving

Wizard Magic Shop located inside Quite A Unique Boutique at Superstition Springs Mall will be moving to a larger store along with the other vendors. The new store will open September 1st and will be located under the food court. The larger store means more room for inventory, more room for people watching  Leigh’s free magic shows on Saturdays at 2PM, and close to food court means more foot traffic.


Below are some photos on the empty store we are in the process of renovating.

Front Entrance

Main Entrance

Left Side

Left Side

Right Side where magic shop will be.

Right Side where magic shop will be located.

August Meeting HOLE Magic & Rehearsal

August  15 Meeting:

HOLE Theme
& Show Rehearsal

This month we will be previewing some of the acts for our show for the Residents show later this month. Since we will have a HOLE Theme meeting. Bring in ANY trick to demonstrate that has a HOLE in it. This includes RINGS, CHAINS,BEADS, ANYTHING  that a HOLE in it. .
We are also looking for someone to bring in a work in progress for us to give our spin on.

We also have a table available for someone to sell stuff.

Please contact Leigh Hotz @ if you like to take part in the last two items.

October Meeting Ice McDonald Lecture


Hello I am magician/lecturer Ice McDonald. I am currently scheduling lecture dates and would love to visit your city and club to present my lectures.


This lecture will cover Worst Case Scenario magic. These effects can make you look like a genius in unexpected, impromptu situations. The lecture will also cover performance effects.  Please review the enclosed link  and visit my website


In addition to the lecture, I will have lecture notes and various products available. Since my job is to educate people and not to sell, your only obligation will be the lecture fee.

“I have attended many of ICE’s lectures and can honestly say that the knowledge and creativity he offers as an IBM Merlin member is time well spent.”                                                                                                                   

 Shawn Farquhar Three Time World Champion of Magic, 2014-2015 International President, I.B.M.


“It’s not often I write reviews on magic lectures but just lately the standard has been so high that I have felt compelled to put pen to paper… Ice set the tone for the evening by stating that this was a lecture designed for magicians who are serious about their art. Which it was but put over in a fun and entertaining way. In fact it’s hard to do justice as to how good a lecture this was or be able to mention all of the subjects covered…”

Guild of Magicians Nottingham
Reviewed by Freddie Wilkinson


“On behalf of our entire National Council and the 1,200 attendees of our recent international convention, I wish to congratulate you on your spectacular performance at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. 


You were the perfect choice as the opening act for our Wednesday Gala Show.  You set the standard for what has been called, one of the greatest shows in S.A.M. history.” 

R.G. Smith, Executive Show Producer


To get on my lecture schedule and have a dynamic experience that your magic club will remember long after the event, please contact me at (310)559-8968 or  Feel free to share this information with your fellow magicians.


Thank you in advance for a positive experience.


Warmest Regards,


Kenrick “ICE” McDonald

President’s Message August 2017

President’s Message August 2017


So far it’s been a busy summer for Ring 55, we had a great June meeting on impromptu magic followed by a phenomenal lecture in July by Shawn Farquhar. If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while you are definitely missing out on the fun. There’s a lot of hidden magic to learn by attending Ring meetings. Speaking of hidden magic I sometimes like to go through my old books, magazines and lecture notes to look for some hidden gems that I’ve missed. Add YouTube videos and other videos I’ve downloaded and I realize I have so much new magic to learn. So I encourage all members to go though your library both paper and online and who knows maybe you’ll come up with a really good effect or routine that you overlooked. Work on it a bit and bring it to the meeting to present as a work in progress.


Now is also a good time to start going through your old stuff you’re no longer using and want to sell. Our Ring 55 Auction is October 14th which will be here before you know it.


For August we’ll be rehearsing for our show for Pueblo Norte later in the month. Thanks to Bob Coluzzi for putting this together. Even if you’re not on the bill come on out to the show to support your fellow Ring Members.


Other upcoming events:


September – Paul Draper Lecture


October – 2 Events


Annual Magic Auction Saturday Oct 14th at Dennys  

   Regular meeting night – Ice Lecture

Broken Wand: Celeste Evans

to my many magician friends who haven’t seen the post about Celeste Evans, here it is:

I am saddened to have to make this announcement.  Celeste Evans, my mom, has passed away 7/25/2017 at 2100.  To many of you she was a pioneer, an inspiration, and a force in the magic world.  To us…. She was mom.
Celeste Evans caught the magic bug at age 9 when she was watching some boys doing magic on the beaches of British Colombia, they were throwing knots into silks, magically the knots would disappear, the silk would be thrown again and 2 knots would appear.  She just knew she wanted to do this, but the boys were less than encouraging and told her she could never do magic because she was a girl.  It was through sheer determination, not only did she learn how to do that trick, but opened her act for the next 60+ years with throwing silks into knots as a reminder to herself that she could do anything despite being told she couldn’t.
Celeste Evans toured the world several times over doing magic, filling up 4 passports in 10 years, entertaining Kings and Queens, Presidents and patrons, military and the masses.  She was on countless TV shows, honored in hundreds of books and magazines, and immortalized in several museums.   She was a pioneer in magic, especially to the female magicians of today.  Becoming a female magician in the early 50’s was not an easy road, she had many obstacles to climb, and push aside, which she did because she had no choice.  She had a dream to use what God had given her to her advantage and make her own magical misdirection.  She wore skintight body suits with tear away skirts and performed magic like the men producing 8 – 12 doves from “thin air.”
People not only noticed her striking presence on stage, but in person also.  She was statuesque, beautiful, show stopping and also stubborn, opinionated, and determined, which made her a success in the many endeavors she did in life.  From magic,  gardening,  sailing,  wood-carving, and her custom jewelry creations, she excelled at it all.
Celeste wrote two books, Has this ever happened to you? And her autobiography, I can still see me.  Her first book was about embarrassing moments that happened on stage and was inspired from talking to young magicians at magic conventions.  The reoccurring theme was of young magicians either messing up a trick or had an embarrassing moments on stage and wanted to quit.
Mom was no quitter!  The thought of someone wanting to quit because of a mishap made her rather upset.  So she gathered from 100+ magicians, around the globe, their most embarrassing moments/goofs and compiled them into a book.  She believed if the young magicians saw they were not the first, this just may teach them to not give up and  keep Magic alive. With this said if anyone would like to make a donation in Celeste Evans name to continue “keeping magic alive” by inspiring the love of magic to a young person she would have loved it.   Mom believed the Magic Castle was a wonderful magical place and believed in their Junior Program.   The Junior Program is scholarship program for young magicians.

Donations in Celeste Evans name could be sent to:
The Junior Program
‪c/o The Magic Castle,‬
‪7001 Franklin Avenue‬,
L.A. ‪CA  90028‬.

Today Celeste Evans stands in front of her late brothers and sister (Jack, Norman, & Betty), her late husbands (Harry Breyn & Herbert Mitchell), her late friends magically and beyond, plus every animal she ever loved and trained and casts her final bow to what I know is the greatest standing ovation ever received!

Mom we love you and you will be missed, but never forgotten… Please rest in peace 1931 – 2017.
Love your children
Evan & Evanna.

Larry’s Find: Conjuror.Community

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