SAM Meeting August 1st :Four Corners

Greetings, SAM 248!
Come on out for out Wednesday, August 1 Meeting at 6:30 at Denny’s at:
7000 E Mayo Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85054
For August’s meeting, we will be enjoying a Four Corners Event, featuring Gary Lazok, Robert Ray, Joe Montella, and Frank Pastula! Each our esteemed guests will take a corner and we will rotate through the room learning and experiencing the magic.
This is going to be fun, come and join us!

Broken Wand: David M. Brahinsky

David Morris Brahinsky



David M Brahinsky (aka: David Allen & The Mysterious Allen) was mostly known as a magician , but was also a writer, publisher, magic consultant, and magic manufacturer. David passed away on December 7,2017.

As a writer, his 1st book, “Creating Your Act” published under Visions Unlimited, was sold online, and select magic shops. He also published some books including “Two Meter Magician” written by the late escape artist and magician, John Novak.


Some of David’s magic line include “Nu Way Rope Thru Body”, and “Pharaoh Conundrum”. He was magic consultant to other professional magicians. David was part time magic demonstrator for Wizard Magic Shop, and performed stand up and stage magic for schools and senior centers.


Ring 55 Event: Paul Draper on September 19, 2017

I.B.M. Ring #55 is having a lecture by Paul Draper on September 19, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. .

Where:   Pueblo Norte Senior Village      7090 East Mescal St    Scottsdale AZ, 85254

Time:   7:00 P.M.



Paul Draper Lecture: Mentalism Extraordinaire Magician Paul Draper has traveled the world in search of Magic and Mysteries for inspiration on his award-winning show, Mysteries of the Mind.  He is an anthropologist, magician, mentalist, and scholar. Considered an expert in mentalism, magic history, and various aspects of human consciousness, you may have seen his appearances on the History Channel, A&E, HBO, Hallmark, Travel Channel, and HGTV among others. Paul has lectured as both a magician and expert speaker at Yale, Apple Corporation Headquarters, The Magic Castle, and The Magic Circle in London.

 A respected Las Vegas entertainer, Paul has recently performed in “Applause” at Planet Hollywood and hundreds of shows at the Venetian.  For Mysteries of the Mind, Paul Draper was chosen as the 2014 Merlin Award winner for Best Corporate Performer by the International Magician’s Society. The Lecture With over 15 years as a premiere magician and celebrity mentalist, Paul Draper has a large number of routines in his arsenal he will discuss and lecture upon. 

Moreover, he will give insights and subtleties based on his illustrious career that only he can.  In his new lecture, some highlights include:    • Hammond ESP – Among the best and most versatile piece of strolling ESP Card Magic Paul uses, he utilizes this in every show: Close up, strolling, and Stage. • The Crazy Cube – Paul’s handling, featuring all new ideas for this classic prop of mentalism • Body Magic & Kinesthesiology – Ever been asked to do some impromptu mentalism? Topics include methods of how to magnetize yourself to the earth, and how to make the strongest man weak.  • A Better Book Test – Impromptu Hoy Book Test and how to perform it to maximum effect.  • And Much Much More including: Tips on “center tear” in real world situations. Dealing with the “So you’re a mentalist, what am I thinking?” question. “To Disclaim or Not to Disclaim.” Séances for Fun and Profit! Q&A.

Wizard Magic Shop Moving

Wizard Magic Shop located inside Quite A Unique Boutique at Superstition Springs Mall will be moving to a larger store along with the other vendors. The new store will open September 1st and will be located under the food court. The larger store means more room for inventory, more room for people watching  Leigh’s free magic shows on Saturdays at 2PM, and close to food court means more foot traffic.


Below are some photos on the empty store we are in the process of renovating.

Front Entrance

Main Entrance

Left Side

Left Side

Right Side where magic shop will be.

Right Side where magic shop will be located.

Shawn Farquhar Lecture July 19th.




Shawn Farquhar  is a Canadian magician and illusionist notable for his title as the “Grand Prix World Champion of Magic” from the International Federation of Magic Societies.[1]

His awards include being the only magician in history to win First Place at the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) for both Stage and Sleight of Hand, twiceCanadian Association of Magicians Magician of the Year,[2] First Place at the Society of American Magicians annual magic convention competition, three Silver (2nd Place) awards, and a First (World Championship) in Card Magic and the Grand Prix World Championship for Close Up at FISM, the “Olympics of Magic”. In August 2009, he won his most prestigious prize at the FISM World Championship of Magic in Beijing.[3] On May 1, 2010, the Canadian Association of Magicians once again named him Canadian Magician of the Year, making him the only two-time recipient of their most prestigious award.

Originating from Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Farquhar travels the world extensively performing and lecturing for magicians and consults for TV shows and motion pictures. He has appeared on the cover of the largest magic publications in Asia, Europe and North America. He has appeared on stages all over the world, including the Riveria, Las Vegas, Opera House, Blackpool and Orpheum, Vancouver.

He is a Past President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Canadian Association of Magicians and Pacific Coast Association of Magicians.








SAM Event: Tom Franks Lecture

TOM FRANKS is bringing his show and lecture to Scottsdale!!!
THIS THURSDAY, May 25th, 6:30pm at…


Scottsdale Road and Osborn

Everyone is $20 at the door which includes both the show and lecture and one free raffle ticket.

This event is sponsored by Tom Franks.

     Tom Franks is a legend on the street and at the Magic Castle where he entertains at the W.C. Fields Bar. He performs at corporate events and parties, hospitality suites, the list goes on and on.

I spoke to TOM FRANKS on the phone recently about the upcoming show and lecture this thursday. He told me that he has never had a “real” job in his entire life. He has been a performing magician and magic master for years. Literally his entire life.

We are in for a special treat this thursday. Check him out on youtube.

See you there.

Jerry Ferguson

18411 N. 114th Avenue

Surprise, AZ 85378
SAM 248 Treasurer

Questions call Jerry at

Thank You Ring 55

I like to personally thank IBM Ring 55 , it’s members, and officers for the honor of being in inducting me into the Magic Hall of Fame. It was a complete surprise and means a lot to me.


Ring 55’s Installation & Banquet featuring Bizzaro.

Ring 55’s Bizzaro’s Installation & Banquet

May 2017

On May 16th 2017 Ring 55 Phoenix AZ held it’s annual installation banquet and show. Our new officers were installed.

David Goldberg – President

Leigh Hotz – Vice President & Webmaster

Bob Coluzzi – Treasurer

Mamata Hotz – Secretary

Bill Newhouse – Sgt At Arms

Ring 55 PHX Installation dinner had plenty of magic both before and after dinner. Our pre-dinner closeup entertainment was provided by local professional magician Robert Bengel who did great strolling magic at the tables before the dinner.After a delicious meal our officers were sworn in by Jay Gorham. Jay also announced the 2017 inductees into the Ring 55 Hall of Fame. They were Bob Blumle who was a past member and very instrumental to the growth of Ring 55 and a VERY surprised Leigh Hotz. The look on his face when he heard his name called was priceless. Over the years Leigh has contributed very much to the Ring serving as a past President and current Vice President & webmaster as a matter of fact Leigh has been webmaster for about 10 years. In addition to all of that Leigh works a full time job, runs a magic shop AND performs magic on a regular basis including getting on NBC America’s Got Talent in 2015. So yes he is very deserving of this award.

After the dinner and Installation Bizzaro from Las Vegas was our evening’s entertainment. If you’ve never seen Bizzaro before you are missing a lot. Bizzaro’s act is an eye-popping visual treat that is also VERY funny. It was a great evening.

The next day Bizzaro came back to give a lecture and it was agreed that this was one of if not the BEST lecture we’ve seen in a very long time. This was an honest to goodness lecture with actual hands on guidance in making one of the props for a card effect. Yes there were notes and some effects for sale but everything taught in the lecture was created using everyday objects. The effects taught were definitely on the zany side but the intelligent thinking behind them was brilliant. If your club has an opportunity to have Bizzaro lecture DO IT!

One of the most startling effects taught was the visual change of a six pack of Coke to a six pack of Sprite. Bizzaro’s magic is the kind of magic that not only made me feel like a kid again but if I wasn’t into magic already it sure would inspire me to learn.

President’s Message June 2017

President’s Message June 2017

It’s summertime. Many of you will be going on vacation, or going back to your summer home if you are a snowbird and some of you will be going to one of the many magic conventions happening around the country. I’ll be going to Magic Live in August and I m looking forward to it. But we’ll still have meetings during the summer. They may be sparsely attended but we will have fun performing and teaching magic.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday June 20th 6 PM magic jam hour meeting starts at 7 PM. Our theme for this meeting will be “Hey Magic Man/Person Show Me a Trick” because we’ve all had the experience of being out with friends just enjoying ourselves not even thinking about the latest variation of an Elmsley count or French Drop vs fake transfer for a coin vanish and IT happens……someone says “Hey Magic Man/Person Show Me a Trick” .

So bring one of your favorite impromptu effects you can do with borrowed objects and be prepared to show it and teach it.

A couple of other items.

  1. In an effort to give better credit to the who perform at meetings I’m asking all members who are going to perform to just write up and email me a quick brief one or two sentence description of what you will be performing and include your name. For example:

“David Goldberg performed Eternity. An astounding card effect where a spectator’s card was found after an eternity of counting and spelling. It really killed the crowd…….bored them to death.”

  1. An effort will be made to get our Ring Reports in so we can get coverage in the Linking Ring.

Future events:

August Show for Pueblo Norte

Paul Draper Lecture in September