In response to popular demand we have planned another MAGIC SATURDAY for August 19th at 12 noon sharp.  Mark your calendar now and please RSVP so we can secure the space at Pueblo Norte.

Our friend Craig Brooks has come up with an excellent theme for this gathering:

New/Old Magic (or is it Old/New Magic?).  He explains it this way; we all have acquired, purchased, or learned a “new” effect or method only to find out it is based upon an old principle or handling that’s been around for some time.  This applies to stand-up and stage or platform Magic as well as close-up.

On Magic Saturday you are invited to bring a trick or two to share with the group.

There will be a standard magician’s table on-site should you want to bring an example of a larger trick.

Of course, you are encouraged to bring something you are working on and might want suggestions on to develop a stronger handling.

…or you might just want to show off your latest treasure.  😉

Larry the Magish