Ring 55 Meeting for January 2018

The first Ring 55 meeting of 2018 will take place January 16th 2018. This will be a packed full meeting. The first part will be a demo and mini lecture on forces. Jay Gorham, Larry Wilfong and David Goldberg will show different effects all based on a force then explain the principles behind each.

The next part of the meeting will be “Show Us Something New” each member is encouraged to get up and and show a new effect you either purchased or learned recently. What a great way to break in new material. Do you know someone who’s interested in learning magic? Or someone who is just starting? Bring them to the meeting.

Also our elections are coming up in April maybe YOU could be the next Ring 55 President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or Sargent at Arms we’re looking for fresh new ideas.

Speaking of fresh new ideas the board members of both Ring 55 and SAM 248 held a meeting in December to discuss the future of both of our clubs. Some exciting new developments have come from that meeting. One which some of you have noticed is the recent emails from Bob Colluzi advertising SAM 248 events and dues. This marks a new era of cooperation between Ring 55 and SAM 248. Plus we are working other things to make it better for all members.

The meeting will take place at Pueblo Norte  7090 East Mescal Ave, Scottsdale 85254 near Scottsdale and Shea Blvd. Social hour starts at 6pm meeting starts promptly at 7pm.