The Song Remains The Same

The Song Remains The Same

While looking online at some back issues of Linking Ring, these were way back,  about  1938 or so I read with great interest several articles about the worry of exposure of magic methods by movie studios of the day and how magic dealer Floyd Thayer was being accused of contributing to this because some of his products were purchased to be used in a movie that would expose methods. Mr. Thayer vigorously defended his position stating that he had no idea this was going to happen. In another article about exposure one magician related how he turned down a radio gig because they wanted him to explain how to do the effect he just performed.

One can only imagine how magicians back then would react if they could have seen Penn & Teller’s show or heaven forbid YouTube. Whats funny is that in all of these years nothing has really changed other than the technical advances. 80 years later some in the magic community are still complaining about magic exposure only now it’s through the Internet and YouTube.

My own personal opinion is that we as magicians whether amateur or pro should not worry too much about the exposure aspect and should be pleased that in this day and age of technology there are people who still love and have an interest in magic. Who would have thought in 2018 there would be so many magic shows on TV? Masters of Illusion, Fool Us and the literal parade of magicians on America’s Got Talent. And going back to ALL of the YouTube videos explaining and teaching magic almost 90 percent are card magic related and while yes a lay person may watch those videos, unless they are a hardcore card addict ( That’s what I’ve become ) 2 minutes into the explanation of the miracle they will be asleep. On the other hand those same videos may encourage another individual to take the plunge and become one of us. Which is a good thing because both Rings and Assemblies need new members with fresh new ideas.

Another issue I saw in my meanderings through the old issues dealt with apathy of the membership when it came to contributing tricks to the Linking Ring. Funny even back then many complained about the lack of magic in the old magazine but weren’t to quick to rectify the situation. Fortunately all of that changed because now the Linking Ring has an amazing amount of magic in it’s pages for ALL skill levels and interests. I’ve learned more than a few routines from the LR as well as glean some ideas that pointed to a method to revive an idea for an effect that has laid dormant in my mind.

Just musings from a magic hobbyist.

David Goldberg