Curt’s Corner: February Magic

Hello All:

Our February meeting is coming up on the 19th at 7:00 pm at Winfield’s (see attached and below for map and address).  This month’s theme will be “Perform an effect from your favorite book/DVD, or in honor of Gary Darwin (who is in poor health), your favorite Thumb Tip effect”. I look forward to meeting visitor Joel Ash who is the head of the Wizards of the Upper River Valley Magic Club in Grantham, NH and is a long time IBM member, Welcome Joel! Also I received and e-mail about a young person with a burning passion for magic who might possibly join us, so welcome also to Julian!  Last meeting we had a couple of IBM members who came to visit and had some great contributions. I believe they will be back again this month, so everyone come on out and let’s have a great meeting!  Also I understand that Jay Gorham has recently undergone some surgery and want to wish all the best to him.  As an aside, I first met Jay by winning a magic book that he had offered on EBAY.  Seeing that he lived here in the valley, I asked if I might pick the item up rather than him having to ship it to me.  He graciously said yes and gave me his home address.  When I arrived Jay welcomed me into his home and we started discussing magic and before I knew it we has established some common ground.  Jay was able to fill in some missing issues of “The Sorcerer’s Eye”, a John Mendoza publication that I did not have, and he just gave them to me!  Jay has always been the one to greet and remember me with a smile and handshake at every IBM meeting I have attended and I thank him for that.  Get well Jay!

Here are a couple of upcoming events to start thinking about (thank you to David Goldberg for arranging the lectures):

·         Mike Fisher Magic show at Winfield’s (not affiliated with clubs) = in March (dated to be confirmed) He was AWESOME when he was here last time!

·         Olmac lecture = April 12th (with location and time to be confirmed) = Look him up on youtube, he’ll also be at the Magic Castle and in Las Vegas.

·         Scott Alexander = May 8th (with location and time to be confirmed) = Needs no introduction, just be there!!!!

·         Some members have expressed an interest in an “Open Mic” night at Winfield’s so we are working on that, more info soon, but let me know if you might be interested.

·         John Guastaferro will be at the Magic Castle in March = Anyone going to the Castle for this and can you sneak me in?  John G is great!

·         Bruce will be sending out local club dues notifications.

·         Ring #55 nominations and elections are coming up in April, so be thinking about who you would like as your board members and make your voice heard.

·         Gary Lazok (SAM Club) Lecture is tomorrow night at Denny’s 7000 E. Mayo Blvd. = I’ll be there, Gary is excellent!

Here are the directions to Winfield’s:


7025 E Osborn Rd

Scottsdale, AZ

From Scottsdale Road head west on Osborn Rd

At 71st street (first street after Olive Garden) turn left (south)

Turn into the first driveway on the right which will be the parking lot for First Baptist Church of Scottsdale

Park in any available spot, head west on the street side sidewalk (Osborn Rd) and you will see the coffee shop with outdoor lights and outdoor tables

Come on in!

I look forward to greeting everyone and meeting new friends!

Curt Godsey

Ring #55 Secretary