Broken Wand: Gary Darwin

I am not sure if you heard but Gary Darwin passed away…
Gary Darwin passed away on the 9th he was 83 and I first learned about this from our friend Larry Wilfong and though it is sad news I thank him for letting me know. 
I reached out to Lance Burton to express my condolences as he and Gary were great friend. I got to know Gary over the years. I hung out with him and my wife Michelle one afternoon for about five hours. Gary’s collection of magic is amazing! It was there that I saw the ONLY DOG PAN… Yep just like a dove pan but for a dog… He said Morrissey made three of them. He had so many things and he was the ONLY person I ever met who knew about this wand that could load a card inside an egg… It was a wand mentioned in Tarbell and with a twisting movement it would retract a claw out and in and you could load a billet type folded card… I never saw one in person or used on but, Gary and I were talking one night and sure enough he said he had one. Gary had so many stories and he was the kind of person who could turn any subject into a teaching lesson. I never asked Gary to be my mentor in any official way. However, he helped me grow and learn and to me that is what a mentor is all about. 
He was so nice and would take the time to talk to any magician… 
I recently received a message from Lance Burton he had some really nice things to say about Gary… 
“Gary was the first friend I made when I moved to Las Vegas in 1982.  He was a big influence on me, and as I am finding out, many others.In the last few days I have heard from countless magicians who wanted to express their love for Gary and all he had done for them.Yes, he was a larger than life person with a heart that was even larger.We will miss Gary every day.”

May you RIP Gary Darwin my thumbs off to you sir! 

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