IBM Convention Update

Hello Friends I am the I.B.M. Convention Chairman for the Scottsdale convention and I want to thank you for registering for what we believe will be one ofthe best I.B.M. conventions.   We have some of the finest entertainmentbooked and we have some amazing things happening this year.   I want to see the I.B.M. conventions get back to where they once were with more friends attending.  When I attended as a teenager, there wereover 1200 attending.   So I ask you please spread the word on yoursocial media pages, tell your friends, tell everyone at your local magicclub meetings, or fly a plane with banner behind it. LOL.   Dowhatever you can to help spread the word about the I.B.M. convention.  Please use ! We are offering something fun this year for 10 VIP registrations.  And since you are already registered you can upgrade yourregistration if you would like to become a VIP at the convention.  Atthis time there are only 6 of these VIP registrations left.  If youare interested email me directly    

  We just booked Kevin James, Rudy Coby & Les Bubb in Vaudeville 3000for the 2nd half of our Final Gala show on Saturday night.   If you are interested in competing in our Stage or Close-up contestsmake sure you get in touch with our contest chairman Melody If you have not booked your room at the Talking Stick Resort makesure you do that today and insure you get the great convention rate. Lastly, I have put the schedule of the convention up online.  Keep in mind some things might change but for the most part it is set and itis impressive.  My advice is get some rest leading up to the convention asI don’t see many of us sleeping during the convention.  Thanks again for your support!  Best Wishes, Ken ScottI.B.M. Scottsdale Convention Chairman