March Ring 55 Meeting Report

Ring 55 Report for March 2019

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Winfields Coffee Shop 7025 E. Osborn Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85251

President: Robert Ray (e-mail

Vice President: David Goldberg (

Treasurer: Bruce Lindvig (

Sergeant at Arms: Cody Whitten (

Secretary: Curt Godsey (

Web Master: Leigh Hotz (

President Robert Ray opened the meeting promptly at 7:00pm. VP David Goldberg announced the upcoming lecture by Olmac on 4-11-19 at the Denny’s on 48th street in Tempe and Treasurer Bruce Lindvig announced that he has arranged for International President Michael Finney to meet with the Phoenix Art Museum to promote the upcoming IBM Convention in Scottsdale!

The theme of this month’s meeting was “Magic You Will Use!” and was hosted by our president Robert Ray. He taught us a 4 card Triumph routine that was surprising and surprisingly easy to do!  Next up was and impromptu Metal Epic effect using business cards that was a great way to leave your business card in several people’s hands. He then taught several other bit of business with business cards including a production and a printing routine where the cards appeared from blank business card stock. He then moved to some coin routines that, again, looked great but are relatively easy to do.  First was a production from Downs Palm, followed by the real fan favorite “Four Coin Challenge”. I think this was a highlight for most of us as Robert clearly counted four quarters into the spectators hand, closed their hand, said he would steal one out, then did so! The look on VP David Goldberg’s face was priceless!!! Even on the repeat the method was invisible. Thankfully Robert tipped the method and it is devious, you’ll have to contact him if you want to know….Finally Robert taught us the burnt and restored match trick which looked great.  Overall Thank you Robert for a great class and it appeared that everyone found something that they could use! We will definitely be continuing this class in the future.

We then went into general meeting mode and our good friend Steve presented a very interesting idea to make people want to keep your business card using the formula 2+11-1=12.  I had never seen this but it is VERY clever! David Goldberg showed us a great tip using a contact lense case as a container for hand moisturizer. Craig Brooks closed us out with a routine using two different colored rubber bands, a wand and a silk. The rubber bands changed places, I was amazed, he explained it, I’m still amazed!  After the meeting we had a great time performing and exchanging card tricks, stories, and personal experiences of our journey in magic. Thank you everyone for a great meeting!

We look forward to welcoming visiting members, so please contact us and feel free to come to our meetings.

See you at the Convention in July:

Curt Godsey – Secretary


A BIG thank you to John Guasteferro for putting my wife and I on his guest list for a night at the Magic Castle!  What a fantastic experience for our first time and John treated us like Rock Stars. His presentation in the close up room was polished and absolutely amazing, the audience loved it.  We also got to see the mentalist Jheff (in the Parlour of Prestidigitation) as well as Nick Locapo in the same theater. We were fortunate to sit in the front row for Nick’s show and my wife was next to his aunt who told us some great tidbits about Nick!  What a great experience, thank you John (especially), Jheff, and Nick for an outstanding evening!