Message from SAM President

To the SAM 248 Assembly!  I want to thank you all for your love and passion for the art of magic! I hope that you will help support me in my goals to grow magic in the valley! It cannot be done by one person alone! It must be done by many so that we have a structure of support. If one has a heavy load it can be dispersed among others in the club. That is what support is all about! I hope you will join me and teach things you were taught! Things that can help grow and elevate this art we all love so much!  Have you paid your dues! If not please do so ASAP so we can get in some great lectures. SAM also accepts all forms of donations that can help us grow. September I am working on bringing out Nathan Coe Marsh he is available on the 23ed and 24th and I am hoping I can work with the IBM club and we can create a joint night. Nathan has offered to help us with some fundraising ideas as well for the club. I would like to get this locked down ASAP. If anyone has any thoughts or feedback on this please free to contact me about them.  My Wacky Thoughts It is my belief that if you can open more windows in a house there are more chances for a bird to fly in and you can teach it to hang out. If one can go back to the time they first saw magic and had the thought “could I do that”?  Then you found something, and you did it! You stayed with it and allowed it to grow inside you. Eventually you found a path that you were on and then you took flight. You found though that doing a short flight wasn’t so hard but, to keep flying man that was just crazy hard!! It didn’t matter if that flight was something new to learn or show to build perhaps it was a slight or skill you must master! You wanted to soar! You tried and tried again but, with only so many resources and no one to share your flight with who could give you good feedback. You were left to flop in the wind trying to learn from those flying around you!     Goals for the Club ·         I intend to send out regular email updates. I would appreciate feedback on the emails and ideas on how we could create a newsletter. Any thoughts or ideas positive or negative are welcome and appreciated!  ·         I intend to put together an operations manual for the club. I want something that can be passed down from officers to officers. I would very much like to speak with any and all past officers and learn about the procedures and protocols for SAM. I would love any help on this at all. I know what needs to be done it is just about getting it all done!   ·         To grow a SYM but, this will take help and support from other magicians. If you are interested in helping to make this happen. Please reach out to me and we can set up an appointment to discuss your ideas and how we can move them forward.   ·         Contests! Why do we not have contests! I remember doing one many years ago at the Scottsdale Library and it was a ton of fun! Who is up for doing them again?   ·         Fundraising events for the club! We see tons of magicians SELLING how to do fundraisers but, magic clubs are always broke! Why!!! I want to put on some events to help the club make some money and grow magic. If we can bring in some more revenue, we can do more events and have more lectures! If you are interested in helping me put together ANYTHING! As long it helps grow magic, brings fun and entertainment to people. It also has to help the club make money! If you are interested, please shoot me an email and lets get a conversation going about this. It requires two main ingredient help and planning!  My final thoughts   I am going through life and figuring things out best I can with the options I have in front of me. I love magic and appreciate all it has done for me. The world is changing in many ways and it is our choice if we want to be part of the change or not. If we don’t like the changes happening, we can either voice up and talk about them in a civil way or we can just allow them to happen. It is our choice where we want this club to go and end up! I for one am willing to commit to one full term to help make things happen. I have already committed to 10yrs in the magic retail industry and almost 20yrs as a booking agent for events. I am willing to take on this challenge but, need your help. I cannot do it alone and if it is left to me to do it all alone it will fail… It is that simple! I would love to see us build and grow the art of magic. Give people a solid direction on what they can do with magic and how it can enhance their life and the lives of those around them. If it is only for fame or money, then the person is already three steps behind… If magicians choose to make it only about fame and money, then I fear magic has a dismal end. It is my hope that we here in Arizona can rise up and help guide magic in the direction that will allow it to give the gifts it can to others! We live in a time where so much is possible with minimal effort! Will you put in some effort and help others find a path that will lead them to success!? Or will you just let it die!  If you are with me great! If you want to help lead me please share your experience and wisdom! However, if you don’t like what I am doing. That is fine please bring me your thoughts. However, let me ask you before you do bring me your compliant… Ask yourself some questions… What is a better way? How could I do this different? Why don’t I like this? How could I do it better? I am all for feedback but, if all your bring to me is you don’t like something but, do not explain why or offer a better idea. Please don’t expect much because I am not presenting ideas to hurt magic but, help it. I am also very much willing to learn and grow myself but, I need to understand your point of view in a thoughtful articulated way. I do not allow people to bark at me or treat me with disrespect. However, if you are upset with me I am happy to speak with you in as much detail is needed to do all I can to help smooth over any issues and concerns. The best way to contact me is to email me. I am always willing to have people call me or stop in the shop. However, I may not be able to talk in much detail depending on the subject. I do have a business to run of course. However, I am happy to schedule appointments so I can devote my full attention to the conversation. It just requires a little planning and I typically plan one to two week ahead for appointments.  Thank you again for all of you who support the art of magic! Hit me with all your thoughts good and bad are welcome!  Joe
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