Respect The Magic Update

joe@wackyzacksmagic.comFri, Aug 2, 1:44 PM (3 days ago)

Hello everyone! 
I am currently putting Respect the Magic on hold. 
We have a lot going on and might be moving our shop for several reason in the next 6mos. That could change but, frankly we need more business to make this space make sense. If anyone knows anyone needing magic, entertainment of all types as we have our limitless entertainment company or of course magic lessons! 
I will keep you all posted about Respect the Magic but, I am not expecting to put much time or work into it for the rest of the year unless things change for us in a few ways. 
I am also as many of you know President of SAM 248 I am working very hard to help rebuild that club. There are only so many hours in any one day and I am doing the best I can to make things happen! If anyone wants to rejoin or knows anyone who wants to join we can use the support! 
SAM 248 just recently secured a new location in central Phoenix and we will be announcing it this weekend via email. Our next meeting for SAM 248 that will be held on 8-7-19 in Central Phoenix around 7st and Maryland! We plan to have a connessions table with complimentary finger foods. There is no charge but, donations are very welcome! We would love to find someone who has a passion for food to help us with this table every month. The new venue does have a nice kitchen and there are a lot of options for those who know what they are doing. 
We are in the process of creating a fun experience for all! We need volunteers though so if you will help let us know! I just spend an hour working on food for the next meeting for If you are not signed up for the SAM email list please contact Ben Garcia” <>
Keep magic clubs alive! 
If you need to pay your dues! Or consider rejoining SAM 248! If we all work together we can do great things!
SAM 248 also appreciates any donations! The more money we have to work with the more options we have to bring more magic to the valley! little bit helps! Thank you for your support! Joe
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