35+ Reservations for Steinmeyer! Reserve Now Members first!

I currently have 35+ reservations and we can only seat about 99 people in the space.
If you have already contacted me about reservations please do NOT send another response or I will put you in charge of the head count!
Please note! Members get first shot at seats!
Then if members want to bring guests they are next in line but, ALL members guest have to pay the 20.00 entry. CASH or Check only! If you wish to pay your 20.00 by cc you MUST do it online. We will NOT be taking cc at the door!
If you would please respond back and in the SUBJECT line put down how many seats you are going to want!

The club is about building community! Get involved!

Once we know what our member count is we will open the event up to non members.
Non members will pay 20.00 per person. However, you can just join NOW and become a member and pay the extra 5.00 and you are golden!
Sign up NOW if you want to take advantage of the promotion! Only 5.00 dollars on top of your 2020 yearly dues and you get to come see Steinmeyer! What a steal!
Thanks for supporting the art of magic!