Wacky Zack’s Magic Shop News

Folks!I am going to keep this simple!
The SAM 248 needs Volunteers!
Some of you know some do not but, I closed my magic shop’s current location a couple of weeks ago! I am having a sale this weekend to reduce inventory but, I still have a lot of work on my plate! Sale hours are Thursday 4pm-6pm Friday 11am-6pm Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm… Appointments are also welcome!
I need club members to help with the Steinmeyer and future events!
Thank you to Tom, Doug, Ben, and Frank for all doing what you can to help out. However, this club needs a lot more help then just a few passionate members. Will you be someone who will step up and help the club!?

We are NOT currently planning to have food for the Steinmeyer event! We will have water, coffee, some soda… Perhaps some cookies and chips… However, we need more people to help out.
What I would like to find is people who will take on certain responsibilities for the meetings.
Examples of what we want!
Snack Wizard! Someone who can help provide snacks and cookies ect! Ideally we can even charge or ask for a certain donation to help the club more!
We need someone who can me our Social media person! Currently Tyler has stepped up and helped my making an Instagram page for the club!
We need a Website master
We need someone who can help setting up the room and cleaning up at the end of the night!

Folks, I am doing all I can to help but, to be frank I have a lot of my own problems right now. I need club members to help!
Contact me with any offers of support not just ideas… I don’t need more ideas I need people to help implement the ones we have already begun!

I did confirm with Dan Sperry and he is committed to speak to the club on January 8th 2020!
As for December 4th meeting…Some have asked about doing a holiday/Christmas party if we want we can do it that day! However, we need some help to get it done! If anyone is up for helping please contact me and we can see what we can put together!