ZB: My invention on national TV!

First half, Becky is contestant Number three. Then go to  second half and see my three glass trick! I invented this trick in 1964 and became very famous! Please let me know if this comes through for you.Thanks. Fr. B.
 .  We have the video.  Garry narrates it as Becky performs, saying, “Now Becky is pouring water from a carafe into three glasses , and the water changes to red, and then to white, and now to blue.”   At first we wondered why Garry was saying this, as we could see it happening on the tape.   Then we realized that though color TV had just  begun, relatively few had color TV sets as yet.  This was the perfect way to make sense of Becky’s act to his viewers at that time in theTV industry. I have marked where to look! 


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