Ring 55 Report for January 2020

Ring 55 Report for January 2020
Meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Winfield’s Coffee Shop 7025 E. Osborn Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85251
President: Robert Ray (robertraymagic@yahoo.com)
Treasurer: Bruce Lindvig (2bruce@cox.net)
Secretary: Curt Godsey (threecard@cox.net)
Web Master: Leigh Hotz (leigh@wizardmagic.com)
To kick-off the New Year with a bang, Ring #55 hosted a Pizza/Italian food party, followed by a lecture featuring Las Vegas based Magicians & Mentalists Kent Axell and Robert Watkins! We began the party at 5:30pm with great food & fellowship and around 30 members, visitors, and old friends we hadn’t seen for some time. During the festivities, Ring 55 President Robert Ray asked if anyone had any announcements they would like to make. Dr. Stuart Friedman pointed out the publication of his tip in the recent Linking Ring (11/2019 p 104 below “2-Minute Tips”). Check it out for a valuable tip for packet trick workers! Jerry Ferguson asked to demonstrate his version of Slydini’s “Paper Balls in the Box” routine and he did a well received performance. Kudo’s Jerry on a difficult effect, but well done performance, thank you!
Kent Axell opened the lecture portion of the evening with a killer open prediction card effect called “Poker Face”. I’ll be honest and say that I thought I had tracked the method until the very end, but when he turned over the open prediction…..all I can say is WOW!!! He went into a very thorough explanation of the effect and I will say this one was “worth the price of admission” for me. He then introduced Robert Watkins who did some impressive work on billet switching and again, a very thorough explanation phase. Kent came back with a time reveal routine (an inexpensive version of the Stull Watch type routine) called “The Test of Time” with an Ikea battery powered clock. Great stuff and once again thoroughly explained!
After a short intermission, Kent returned with a very nice bent coin routine called “A Little Touch on Coin Bending”. This was followed by a very fooling routine called “The City Thing” that predicted something completely random, drawn on a billet by multiple spectators, yet Kent was able to duplicate this random drawing. The explanation was as good as the effect! Robert Watkins returned with work on the “Challenge Card Routine” (4th Dimensional Telepathy) which I found fascinating! Kent and Robert offer their books for sale but I did not feel like this was a “dealer lecture”, both guys hung out afterwards and were very friendly and open to questions. I have not historically been interested in mentalism type effects but this lecture has opened new avenues of thought! If you have the opportunity, I recommend attending and/or sponsoring this lecture.
Thank you to everyone who attended. Great food, good time, and it was fun seeing old & new friends!
Curt Godsey
Ring #55 Secretary

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