Thank you everyone who came out to Dan Sperry’s lecture and his show at CB Live! I thought we had a great turn out and thank you for everyone who has helped!
I would also like to thank Doug Northway for stepping up as Treasurer! Please everyone who hasn’t paid your 2020 dues please do that ASAP we need the support!
A huge thanks to Tom Virden for helping as treasurer and getting us this far!
Many have helped with the club and I thank you all so much! Irwin, Brad, Jay, Jeff, John, Frank and many more!
We need more people to step up and help though! The following duties are needed and elections are going to be coming up so please start thinking about what office you can hold as the club needs help!
Snack/food conjureLecture seekerNewsletter editorRecruiters of new membersSet up and clean up team for meetingsRaffle managers! We can find lots of great items to auction for the club and give away at meetings but, we need help managing it!Sargent at arms! We need someone to help rally the members as well help coordinate magic events!
A HUGE thanks to Robert Ray who helped me so much setting up this next meeting Feb 5th!!! I have been dealing with so much with my Mom and her house. I have cleared out my brothers belongings. I can’t even explain how hard it was going though the house I grew up in with belongings my brother never let go…
Again thank you ROBERT RAY! Without him we wouldn’t haven’t a February meetings!
Wednesday Feb 5th.745 E MarylandMeeting starts at 7pm and social hour starts at 6pm
We will have some drinks and coffee but, without more help food is on the back burner. I would love to get someone who can help handle snacks and foods.
Theme of the night!
4 corners event with 4 of the valleys professional magicians teaching top notch magic you will use!! 
Gary West will be teaching a few stellar effects. He will bring everything needed for everyone to follow along. 
Chris Rose will also be teaching us some amazing magic with cards and sponge balls. Please bring 4 sponge balls and 2 decks of cards same brand different colored backs….i. e. (one red and one blue bicycle decks) so you can follow along and learn the routines. 
John Fitzsimmons will be teaching something amazing please bring a notepad and pen to take notes for it. 
Robert Ray will teach something quick and fun with a balloon as well that will likely be your new go to substitute for the bill in lemon. Bring a dollar bill with you. 
By the end of the meeting you’ll have virtually a whole new repertoire of material to use to amaze your family, friends, and clients!
Come join us at 745 E. Maryland the social hour starts at 6pm and the 4 corners event begins at 7pm. See you there!