WHATSIT? by Larry Wilfong

You are invited to direct your gaze to the center item In the picture.  Yep, the apparatus with the golden heart is this month’s VALENTINE WHATSIT.  The basic effect is anything you choose–a prediction or a signed coin or a borrowed ring etc. etc.–can be caused to appear inside the lovely golden locket.
Originally the creator called this classy effect SAVOY.  A later manufacturer marketed a more elaborate version as the ADRINKA NECKLACE.  A few others have ripped-off the idea (so what else is new?), but IMO this is the most practical and beautiful of all.
Be the first club member to contact our Editor, Leigh Hotz, with the correct name of the manufacturer AND the name he chose for this piece before the next meeting and YOU WILL WIN a FREE$10.00 Gift Certificate to the Wizard Magic Shop.
                                HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!