March 11th we will be having Martin Cox

March 11th we will be having Martin Cox

Hello everyone!
Our next lecture is March 11th we will be having Martin Cox!
Lecture starts at 7pm and is at the usual 745 E Maryland social hour starts at 6pm!
Currently no food is planned but, we can if people want to help out…
Now here is our call for help!! The club needs help folks… Not just money although that never hurts! We need some people who can do certain jobs… So, below are a list of job titles I created with the jobs the person or person’s can do… I don’t mind more than one person taking the same job to get it done easier for all… Please help the club so we can build a strong magic community here in Maricopa county!

Food and Beverage conjour!This person(s) need to make the coffee make sure we have some drinks and ice and help set up the room for the meeting and or lecture. As well help break the room down and clean up at the end of the meeting or lecture.
Lecturer solicitorWe need help soliciting people to do lectures for us and helping to see to the details they need to give us a great lecture.
RecruiterWe need all members to recruit new members however, we also need someone who can help welcome new members. Someone who can follow up with people who showed an interest but weren’t ready to join just yet.
My hope folks is that we can get a strong club going that can then support the national SAM and we can build a solid and long lasting foundation for an SYM. We can help a lot of young people be pointed in the right direction if we all just do a little lifting of the weight…
Please be sure you are up to date with your membership… For questions about your membership please contact Doug Northway
You can easily pay your dues right online at the below link
Also please don’t think you have to only pay just your dues! The club LOVES donations and the more money we get the more things we can do! If you have an extra 10, 20, 100, 1,000 bucks laying around please don’t think we are to proud to take your money… We are NOT we are a magic club and work with pennies…. So any dollars are welcome and helpful!

Our Elections and May Banquet is coming up folks!
I have found one place I am currently working out a trade deal with. I will need people who would voltmeter to do a show in trade for the use of the room!
The venue is in Encanto park it was started in 1948 and hosts the Phoenix Garden club! The building is used for all types of events and I am talking to the manager about many options to help both our clubs join forces and grow! Haha… Grow… Garden… Ok… Moving on… I do need people who would be willing to do a magic show! We are talking about also maybe using the place to help grow the SYM if we can get anyone who will help with that….
If you want to check the place out please do and give me your feedback!
1809 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Thank you for your support of magic and PLEASE help the club help itself! It can’t be done alone!

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