Here’re some quick pics(5+) just 4 U from the depths of The ACCUMULATION 😉

When I was just a wee lad a senior sorcerer gave me a fairly large assortment of old 1940’s TOPS magazines (Abbott’s).  One of the apparatus tricks that was advertised with a degree of regularity was a mystery entitled FOUR WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT.  I refer you to the attached copy of a page from one of those old magazines for a description of the effect.
For some reason this item hung around in the nether regions of my brain for years until Michael Baker of The Magic Company began crafting the apparatus and I was able to acquire one.
In the attached picture of a shelf from the uncharted depths of The Accumulation you can see the taller stained wooden prop (that’s Michael’s) and a shorter blond one (from Supreme/England I think).
Michael’s is designed so that each wrong card is dropped into the topof the stand and follows a track to land in the proper position for the final reveal.  The cards are simply inserted from the side(s) when performing with the other prop.
It’s always seemed to me that the same effect could be obtained with a whole lot LESS apparatus…  
My brainstorm is to secure a clear upright plastic menu holder from a restaurant supply house.  Then place small slivers of Scotch Brand clear double stick removable poster tape in the appropriate areas to hold 4 single cards on one side of the stand. 
That’s it.  You can find the necessary specially printed cards on the dreaded e-bay for just a few bucks (pictured is one set) and you’re off to the races!  The base for the menu holder detaches easily and you have what is truly a “packs small, plays big” routine that is so old it is new again and looks very modern with the clear plastic.
Let me know what you think.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome (ask me about the “new” handling with a FOR SALE sign).
Larry the Magish

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