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Hello everyone, sorry for being silent. I’m trying to work out an issue with my Cox e-mail account. Every time I try to send the group e-mail, it bounces back to me with an error. On the off chance that it works this time, below it the e-mail I tried to send a month ago that got blocked no matter what I did. Mostly outdated now but if it works I’ll send out new info


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Hello All:

Hope you sincerely read the earlier message from our President Robert Ray. We need people to step up and help out with your club. Here are some interesting events, videos, lectures, and other miscellanea you might find interesting:

·         I’m sure you all have heard of the passing of Roy Horn, please feel free to share any thoughts, memories, photo’s, or other items to commemorate Roy’s incredible legacy. My memory….My wife and I were lucky enough to see the show at the Frontier (I think?!? This was back before we had kids so before 1989) and had tickets for the front row. At the beginning of the show Roy ran down the stage directly in front of us, grabbed my wife and gave her a big hug (maybe a kiss?!?!?) and ran back to the act. Joanie still remembers that today!

·         Another notable passing is Norm Nielsen (thanks Larry Wilfong for the heads up). I had just purchased the 2020 magic poster calendar, but his web site of magic posters is absolutely incredible! Thank you Norm for you contributions to magic and for this incredible archive: https://nnmagic.com/

·         Joe at Wacky Zack’s has a great sale going on, check it here before it ends!!! https://wackyzacksmagic.com/product-category/flash-sale

·         Nathan Kranzo has a free Zoom Lecture coming up this Sunday, go here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_AFptmvXWRnykpD03hTydBw

·         Dave Goldberg came across this great You tube group called “Erudite Magic” that will be of interest to magic book lovers (like me!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpP7frvhmXA

·         Scott Xavier will be on the Travel Channel this Saturday https://www.travelchannel.com/shows/magic-caught-on-camera

·         Larry Wilfong contributed some excellent info on the Doug Henning Project: https://doughenningproject.com/2020/05/01/happy-third-birthday-to-the-doug-henning-project/

·         Our member Chuck Linn is looking to sell some of his magic collection. Contact him at  Charles Linn [cfl8117@yahoo.com] for more information.

·         Leigh Hotz sent info about a Zoom lecture available from Keith Fields. He is willing to join our Ring virtual meetings and share his online lecture (30-40 minutes but will answer questions up to one hour) at zero cost. Sounds good to me at KeithFieldsMagic.comcheck it and let me know if we have interest.

·         The Magicians Forum Live is hosting a fantastic online event this weekend. This is a two day event featuring some excellent magicians (yes, John Guasteferro is scheduled) and is only $5.99! You can check out the schedule and register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-magicians-forum-live-tickets-103379956232?aff=ebdssbonlinesearch EDIT: Sorry apparently this is sold out!

·         I honestly don’t know when we will be able to resume live face to face meetings, but having restaurants open back up is a hopeful sign. I doubt that Denny’s meeting rooms will be available anytime soon, but we will keep you updated. Let us know if you hear anything…. Check out the Facebook pages for Ring #55 and SAM #248 that Robert set up (search on facebook).

·         Hopefully you have stuck with me this far and didn’t give me a TL:DR! Here’s the best for last…Our own Robert Bengel has volunteered to host some YouTube type tutorials that we could market to raise funds for our club. In addition he is willing to do a “Skype” type live event for club members, again at no charge to us, that we may be able to market. What would you like to see? I’m gonna be straight up here, I did a little research on Robert Bengel and he is pretty damn famous! His contribution to Apocalypse “Romancing the Box” is one of my votes for effects, but I’d like to hear some of his stories about past conventions, magicians he has known, and anything else he would like to share. Please share your thoughts and let’s get this rolling, I can’t wait!

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you with any comments, suggestions, nominations, or future events.

Please stay safe, healthy and keep a positive attitude!



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