another W.I.P. (Work In Progress)

PICTURE PERFECT PRESTIDIGITATION or The Mystery of Larry’s Lighthouse or Ocean Front Property (in Arizona) or ???

Background:  Longtime friend and very active past member of Ring #55 (now retired to Michigan) John Alexander is also a very talented artist (paint & pencil/charcoal sketches).  Last month he sent us pictures of sketches of real existing lighthouses he had created for his wife’s (Carol) “lighthouse wall”.  I mentioned in conversation that it would be interesting to combine a lighthouse sketch with a magic trick.  Guess what?  Not long afterwards the work of art pictured appeared on our door step just in time for both Gail’s and my May Birthdays.  PLUS John incorporated the 3 of Clubs (Penn & Teller’s favorite force card) in the picture!  
I obtained a deck of cards with a picture of a lighthouse on the back and figured I was all set to force the 3 of Clubs and amaze the multitudes.  Sounds like fun, but still something else is needed.  Sooo, here’s where I’m at right now, but I would appreciate any suggestions or comments from YOU.  Don’t be bashful.
I’ve always liked the “instant stooge” dodge where a member of your audience has not been coached ahead of time, but willingly joins you in baffling the rest of group to create an impossible feat of mental magic.
Here’s what I’ve used before and I think will work well here.  First audience helper selects a card and you explain about your friend the artist.  After just a little prodding a second helper will discover the semi-hidden 3 of Clubs and you’ve done an OK trick.
Now you start the trick over with another helper from the audience; card is “freely” selected etc. etc.  Another cooperative helper (after awhile you will be able to judge with a high degree of accuracy just exactly who is a cooperative audience member) is asked to look into the picture to determine the name of the second card.
Of course, he/she won’t be able to find the second card, so you introduce the magnifying glass or invite her to concentrate on the boxed deck of cards.  Within moments your instant stooge will announce the correct name of the second card and you encourage the rest of the assembled throng to give her a huge round of applesauce or applause, whichever suits your personality. 
The kicker is, you tell your last helper what a good job she did and to keep it a secret i.e. don’t show anyone where the picture of the second card is hidden in the lighthouse sketch (wink-wink).  Let the others try to find it, too.
 Pictured are suggestions showing how to handle the Instant Stooge tip-off.  Note that the pip on the handle of the magnifying glass is held on by a small piece of double stick removable poster tape (my favorite magic accessory).  This is easily removed and you can leave the magnifying glass lying around for the curious to investigate. 
Have FUN 😉
Larry the Magish 

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