Shop Closing

When Floyd Thayer placed the first ad for his magic business in The Mahatma in August 1902, it was the start one of the greatest and most enduring magic enterprises ever. With a commitment to creating, crafting and selling the finest magic anywhere, Thayer developed many brands to emphasize just how special his apparatus was. A marketer before they had even coined the term, Thayer along with his foreman, Carl Owen, who joined the firm in 1913, presented Magical Woodcraft, Thayer Quality Magic and a host of themed brands such as Dr. Q and Eureka.

After Thayer retired in 1942, the company was split, reformed, consolidated and ultimately renamed Owen Magic Supreme in 1956.

Today, Owen Magic Supreme is selling its parts. The building has just been sold and they must vacate soon. The contents, from machinery to magic, will be sold and auctioned.

A wide array of illusions will be sold, however don’t expect bargain prices. These are, after all, illusions built with the high standards originated by Floyd Thayer and upheld by Carl Owen, John Daniel, Les Smith and Alan Zagorsky. It’s interesting that a very few of these illusions were built only for catalog photography.

What happens to the rest? Stay tuned.

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