A Covid Update


Just a quick update, we got the results back on my wife’s COVID test and it is positive. For your information here are the facts so far. She was tested on 7/2 and we got the results 7/12. Originally, we thought she had a sinus infection (which she has had in the past) and she went to our doctor who prescribed an antibiotic. She took the first run of the med’s but kept getting worse so went back to the doctor, who prescribed a Z pack and steroid. Those seemed to help but she still had the dry cough and extreme fatigue, so we went for COVID testing after a long search for a location.   As of today she is about 90% better, in good spirits, has not been in the hospital, but still has the fatigue. I got tested yesterday as a requisite to go back to work (am working from home starting today) and should have results within 5 days. My daughter, son, and I have had no symptoms at all even though we are all under the same roof with my wife. I will say that my wife is the most cautious when it comes to germs and the possibility of catching anything. She was the first in our family to use a mask and hand sanitizer (and we made fun of her), so it’s odd that she is the one to get tested positive. Our daughter in law is head of ER at Scottsdale Osborn and her best advise has been to wear a mask, don’t get tested unless you have symptoms (or risk further overloading the system), and stay home if you are sick. Seems like common sense to me…

I haven’t had any close contact with any of you for what seems like a very looonnnggg time (so you’ll be fine, at least from me!) Stay safe, healthy, wear a mask, blah, blah, blah……

E-mail me if you need to get a test at an awesome location with no wait (at least when I went at 5:30pm on Sunday). I was the only person there, they are open 24 hours, and have a COVID only entrance!

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