New Playbill “Magic Show” Article

New Playbill “Magic Show” Articleby Neil McNallyFor those seeking new Doug content look no further than “Playbill’s” mini retrospective on the “Magic Show” that was posted this past Friday.  It’s a quick rundown of the show’s history, musical highlights, and how it’s sadly one of the more unknown Stephen Schwartz scores.  There’s even a great clip of Carol Burnett and Cher performing “Solid Silver Platform Shoes” from 1975. If that doesn’t brighten up your Sunday afternoon, then I don’t know what well. For the link click HereNeil McNally | 31 Mar 2019 at 12:13 pm | Tags: BroadwayCarol BurnettCherDoug HenningmagicPlaybillStephen SchwartzThe Doug Henning ProjectThe Magic ShowWonder | Categories: ArticleDoug Henning | URL:


Rare Doug, Debby, and Shirley Henning Photoby Neil McNally
The above photo was sent to me recently, and what a find it is! The exact year and circumstances are unknown to me, but it certainly is rare to find Doug in such a candid photo with Debby (Left) and his mother Shirley (Right).If anyone knows the background of this photo feel free to drop me a line.  Special Thanks to Linda GregoryNeil McNally | 23 Mar 2019 at 2:21 pm | Tags: Debby HenningDoug HenningmagicPhotosShirley HenningThe Doug Henning ProjectWonder | Categories: Doug HenningPictures | URL:

Magician’s Magician Johnny Thompson

Magician’s Magician Johnny Thompson

As a boy, Thompson saw a movie about a riverboat gambler, and decided he wanted to be a cardsharp and started working on his skills. But “the truth began to dawn that no one wanted to play poker with a 12-year-old cardsharp,” he said later. But he already had developed some skills — especially palming cards, so he turned to magic instead, and was successful. At one gig, he was booked with comedians, and decided to add a comic element to his act. He debuted “The Great Tomsoni, the Wizard of Warsaw” in 1969, a spoof on magic acts. The audiences’ laughs would turn to gasps as he made “goofs” that would reveal amazing skill, like pulling a bowling ball out of a pile of scarves instead of a rabbit. Thompson became an expert on the techniques and history of magic, and was a magician’s magician — consulting for other pros. “If you were putting together an important magic show,” says Penn Jillette, “you would bring Johnny in. You would tell him what you wanted to do, and you would tell him your methods, and he’d have three others.” And he helped with the comedy. “He understood how to do a proper comic take, so he taught me physically how to do that,” said Penn’s partner, Teller, who doesn’t speak on stage. “He had broken it down into every single physical step” so he could get the laughs without saying a word.

Thompson as the Great Tomsoni, and his wife, Pamela Hayes, who was his on-stage assistant. “She was equally as funny as I was,” Thompson said. (Photo: Johnny and Pam Thompson Collection)

When Penn Jillette’s daughter decided at 13 she wanted to be a magician, she went to Thompson to be taught the craft. “She said, ‘I don’t want my father,’” Penn said, choking up. “‘I want the man who teaches my father.’” Thompson died from respiratory failure in Las Vegas on March 9. He was 84.

From This is True for 17 March 2019

Chris Rawlins Lecture April 17th.


WEDNESDAY April 17th

MARK THE DATE FOR: Chris Rawlins

Mentalist, Memory Expert

1st Time in Phoenix will be presenting his

Amazing Lecture on his limited US tour

Chris is from the UK and is considered one of

The World’s Greatest

Chris is the real deal. Original presentations that will grab your audiences

And not let go. “Highly recommended.”

-Bob Cassidy

“Chris is a creative, original thinker and a truly great performer, his skills

And talents mesmerized me. I highly recommend you all to see him in action.”

-Uri Geller

New***entertaining***Informative A lecture you

                             will use!!!

7:00P.M. @ Pueblo Norte, 7090 E. Mescal St., Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Open to all mentalists/magicians.

$15.00 in advance……..  $20.00 at the door

PayPal ……..Bob Coluzzi @

Mail checks to… Jeff Payton, 6267 E Helm, Scottsdale, AZ 85254


IBM 2019 Convention Schedule

2019 Convention Schedule – Scottsdale, Arizona

                            Monday July 8th, 2019                                

 7 pm – 10 pm                Lance Burton Teen Seminar                   

 7 pm – 10 pm                Lance Burton Teen Seminar –

                                              Parents meeting                                

                                           Tuesday July 9th, 2019                                      

 9 am –   9 pm                Lance Burton Teen Seminar                        

 4 pm –   9 pm                Early Bird Registration Open        

 4 pm –   9 pm                Dealers Load-In                                      

 8 pm –   9 pm                Early Lecture                                      

10 pm – 11 pm               Lecture – Stephen Bargatze                           

                                           Wednesday July 10th, 2019                                        

 8 am – 10:30 am             Dealers Last Load-In                                     

 8:30 am –  9:30 am         Stage Contestants’ Meeting                           

 9 am –  NOON                Registration Open                                        

 9:30 am –  1 pm              Lance Burton Teen Seminar                          

 9:30 am – 11:30 am        Stage Contest Rehearsal                       

11 am                               I.B.M. Board Meeting – Finney                     

 1 pm –  3 pm                   Stage Contest Part 1                                      

 1 pm –  5 pm                   Registration Open                                        

 2 pm –  7 pm                   I.B.M. Magic Shops Open                               

 3:30 pm –  4:30 pm         Lecture                                         

 5:30 pm –  6:30 pm         I.B.M. Magic Shops Party With Prizes           

 6:30 pm                          Welcome Reception & Meet and

                                              Greet Performers                                        

 8 pm                                Opening Show with Paul Kozak Headlining

                                              with Misty Lee                                        

10:30 pm till ?                  Late Night Talk with Comedy Legend

                                              Paul Kozak and Friends                            

                                            Thursday July 11th 2019                                           

 8 am –  9 am                   I.B.M. TVP Informal Meeting            

 8:30 am –  9:30 am         Stage Contest Rehearsal                       

 9 am – NOON                 Registration Open                                        

 9 am –  5 pm                   I.B.M. Magic Shops Open                               

10 am – 11 am                 Lecture – Other Brothers                          

10 am                               Spouse Event – Meet at Registration       

11 am – NOON                Lance Burton Teen Scene #1                        

11:15 am – NOON           Stage Contest Rehearsal                       

11:15 am                         Annual Business Meeting – Order of Merlin

                                              Inductees – Please Arrive 15 minutes early  

 1 pm –  3 pm                   Stage Contest Part 2                                      

 1 pm –  5 pm                   Registration Open                                        

 3:30 pm –  4:30 pm         Lecture                                         

 6:30 pm –  7:30 pm         Doug Henning Exhibit                             

 8 pm –  9:30 pm              Evening Of Magic with M.C. Michael Finney,

                                              Bizzaro, David DaVinci, Mike Hammer  

10:30 pm till ?                  Magical Evening with Joshua Jay             

                                                  Friday July 12th, 2019                                        

 9 am -10 am                   Close-up Contestant Meeting        

 9 am – NOON                 Registration Open                                        

 9 am –  5 pm                   I.B.M. Magic Shops Open                               

 9:30 am – 11:30 am        Lecture/Show Jon Armstrong                       

10 am                               Spouse Event – Meet at Registration       

11 am – NOON                I.B.M. Board Meeting – Zander                           

11 am – NOON                Lance Burton Teen Scene #2                        

 1 pm –  5 pm                   Registration Open                                        

 1 pm –  3 pm                   Close-up Contest                                         

 3:30 pm –  4:30 pm         Lecture                                        

 4:30 pm –  7:30 pm         Doug Henning Exhibit                             

 5 pm                                Cocktails                                        

 5:30 pm –  6:30 pm         Grand I.B.M. Banquet                          

 6:30 pm –  7:15 pm         Grand Banquet Show                               

 8 pm –  9:30 pm              The Fantastic Gold Medal Show with

                                              M.C. Robert Baxt and Jessica Jane                   

10:15 pm -11:30 pm        Late Night Evening with Banachek                

11 pm                               Invisible Lodge Meeting                           

                                                      Saturday July 13th, 2019                                        

 8 am                                Merlin Breakfast                                         

 9 am –  5 pm                   I.B.M. Magic Shops Open                               

 9:30 am – 1 pm               2020 Pre-Registration Opens        

 9:30 am – 10:30 am        EDF Distinguished Lecture                            

11 am – NOON                Lecture – Robert Baxt                                

11 am – NOON                Lance Burton Teen Scene #3                        

      1 pm –  3:30 pm             Lecture Sessions – Pick Your 2 That Fit You!

                                            (Matt Baker  –  Buster Balloon –  Bizzaro)                                        

 3:30 pm –  5:30 pm         Doug Henning Exhibit                             

 7 pm –  7:30 pm              I.B.M. Contest Awards                            

 8 pm – 10 pm                  The Incredible Grand Finale Show!       

10:00 pm                         Doug Henning Exhibit                             

10:15 pm                         Grand Finale Party                      


March 19th Ring 55 Meeting

Curt Godsey4:33 PM (5 hours ago)
to Curt

Quick reminder about our meeting on Tuesday (new information highlighted):


Hello All:

Our March meeting is coming up on the 19th at 7:00 pm at Winfield’s (see attached and below for map and address).  This month our president Robert Ray will be hosting a magic class at no charge to the club.  He will be presenting magic that you can use!!!! No knuckle busting hard to do material! You will walk away with something you can perform right away.  We will start early with the class beginning at 6:00pm. Please feel free to invite anyone, member or non-member, as this will be open to all…  We are planning on having this class on a regular basis to invite anyone with an interest in magic and get them involved in this great form of entertainment!!!

Here are a some upcoming events to start thinking about (thank you to David Goldberg for arranging the lectures):

·         Mike Fisher Magic show at Winfield’s (not affiliated with clubs) = March 29th He was AWESOME when he was here last time and the house was packed! See attached promo and check him out on Facebook….

·         Olmac lecture = April 11th Denny’s on 48th street in Tempe = Look him up on youtube, he’ll also be at the Magic Castle and in Las Vegas. See the attached brochure….

·         Chris Rawlins Lecture = April 17th 7:00P.M. @ Pueblo Norte, 7090 E. Mescal St., Scottsdale, AZ 85254 $15.00 in advance/$20.00 at the door, see attached for more information

·         Scott Alexander = May 8th Denny’s on 48th street in Tempe = Needs no introduction, just be there!!!!

·         Some members have expressed an interest in an “Open Mic” night at Winfield’s so we are working on that, more info soon, but let me know if you might be interested (still working on this one).

·         Lot’s of great acts at the Magic Castle in March (did I mention John Guastaferro? I personally cannot wait until the 24th!)

·         If you haven’t paid your 2019 dues, you can contact our treasurer Bruce using the information below.

·         Ring #55 nominations and elections are coming up in April, so be thinking about who you would like as your board members and make your voice heard.

·         The Bernardo Sedlacek Lecture (SAM) last night was outstanding! Did anyone get his e-mail address?  I would like to contact him….

·         Check the IBM website at for the upcoming IBM Convention schedule