Combined SAM/IBM Banquet & Lecture

s.a.m. assembly248


i.b.m. ring 55 1st annual combined installation s.a.m. & i.b.m banquet PLUS, dinner and show by tomas of chicago.

seating is very limited……


This is an event you don’t want to miss @ $20.00 per person and a meal you won’t forget.

a show you’ll love.

show your support for both clubs new boards. incoming and outgoing board members

Saturday may 19, 2018

dinner …6: 00 p.m.

lecture Sunday may 20,2018 3:00 p.m.

pueblo Norte senior village



special lecture Sunday 3:00 p.m. by Tomas from Chicago. same LOCATION. free to paid up members $20.00 GUEST. pay your 2018 club dues and get this lecture free plus all the upcoming lectures.

Ring 55 Ring Report March 2018

Ring 55 Ring Report March 2018


The theme for this month’s meeting was perform an effect from a magic magazine. This was another great meeting as all who attended got up and performed. Each member was encourage to look through their old and new magazines and not only show a trick they learned but also bring the magazine or article with them to share with those that were interested. There is a LOT of good magic in all of those magazines. Besides learning something new many of us got good feedback on how to improve the effect we performed. For example I admitted that while I liked the ring and rope effect I did I was stumped for a presentational angle. Thanks to some ideas I’ll be able to create a nice routine.


First up was our Treasurer Bob Coluzzi who did Fred’s Miracle with jumbo cards and a wooden stand. This is one of those effects that looks so good you almost don’t want to know how it’s done. Almost, we are still curious magicians.


Next was Ring 55 guest Saul Shatz from Chicago. Saul performed a Coin Matrix effect from an unknown magazine.


Scott Israel performed a piece called Poker Chip Divination. This Glen Gravatt effect came from a February 76 edition of Genii Magazine.


Jay Gorham showed us two effects the first was The Last Will and Testament by Ken DeCoursey and was printed in the January 1993 Linking Ring. The second was Royalty Of Cards from Linking Ring Vol 49 #7


Ron Wilson showed us a very clean coin vanish he learned from an old Abracadabra Magazine.


Last but not least David Goldberg demonstrated Wilmarth’s Miracle from the February 2018 Issue of Linking Ring. Those in attendance were stunned that David did not do another card trick this time around.


David Goldberg

Ring 55 April Meeting

Ring 55 April Meeting


Hello All Ring 55 members. April is here Our April meeting will be Tuesday April 17th at Pueblo Norte in Scottsdale. The theme for this month’s meeting is:



In honor of April 17th Tax Day when Uncle Sam does money magic of his own by making it vanish from your account and magically reappear in his. We are all encouraged to perform magic with money. Any kind of money magic. Coins, bills, mental effects with money. Many of us may be limited to penny effects since it will be tax day but hey a penny is still money.


Still on the topic of money this is a gentle reminder that dues are due. When you come to the meeting be prepared to pay up. It’s just $35 for a year of fun. On a side note our treasurer Bob Coluzzi was inspired by the recent Greg Wilson lecture to learn the art of pickpocketing. This is a VERY useful skill for someone in his position. If you haven’t paid your dues Bob may try it out out on YOU.


April is also April Fools month and this is one subject that I’m not fooling about:


The END of my term as President IS HERE!! It’s April time to throw me out of office and do your civic/magic duty and elect new officers. We do need new officers to continue on the fun of Ring 55 Please consider volunteering to serve as a club officer.


Social hour is 6 to 7pm with meeting starting promptly at 7pm.


Reminder eat something BEFORE you come as there is no food.


Pueblo Norte

7090 E Mescal St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

McBride Museletter

Question:  Do I have to be a performing magician to learn magic?

Answer:  Of course not. You just have to love magic!

Greetings magic lovers!

Did you know that most people who love magic do not perform magic? I often have to explain to friends, that, just as with the opera, most of the people who love the performance of magic are not performers themselves…but they have a deep appreciation for the art.

Many of the people that I teach are what I call “magic lovers” or “magic enthusiasts.”

Magic enthusiasts come from all walks of life.

Just in the past few years I have shared my magic lessons with many students of magic who are business people, screen writers, actors, truck drivers, housewives, stay at home dads, politicians, government officials and more – all of whom who love magic as a hobby.

Learning Magic is a great way to enrich your life,


  1. Learning magic increases self-confidence.
  2. Studying the art promotes self-discipline.
  3. Learning how magicians think sharpens your critical thinking skills.
  4. Performing a simple magic illusion can bring great joy to others.
  5. Magic can help us learn to approach people and enhance our socializing skills.
  6. Magic is an international language that transcends cultural boundaries, and a great way to meet people.
  7. People think magic is very hip and cool these days!

One of my students, Ming Da, wrote a great article on the life-enriching qualities that studying magic can add to your life! You might enjoy it:

If you are one of those enthusiasts who think you might like to actually learn more about performing, you may want to consider our upcoming Spring Training classes, March 20-25. You can come for just two days, or for all six. Learn more here: – 561
Nick Diffatte – First time on stage at Wonderground
First Eugene Burger Legacy Awards are Announced
We are delighted to announce that the first two Eugene Burger Legacy Award recipients have been announced. They are two of our favorite magicians, Kim Z (Kim Zoller) and Dr. Geoff Grimes.
Created in collaboration with Eugene’s estate, these awards recognize artists who we believe exemplify Eugene’s highest values and qualities as a magician. Winners of the award will forever carry Eugene’s name forward in relation to their own, and they will also receive a merit-based full-tuition scholarship to any class at the McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas.

Donations to the Eugene Burger Legacy Fund can be made by going to

A Magical Party
This month we are hosting a very special party honoring The Wonderground All-stars!

We will have special events planned for the opening of all the shows!

Experience the Close-up magic of Rocco – One Show Only!
Join us for the biggest magic party in Vegas!
Thursday March 15th, 2018 7:30pm. 3 big shows! All info at www.vegaswonderground.comNick Diffatte and Superstars of close up magic Rocco Silano & Allan Ackerman!!!
PLUS an ALL STAR-line up!

Here is the schedule:
7:30 PM  Strolling magic Will Bradshaw, Taylor Lloyd & Allen Scott will do tarot readings

8:00 PM  Comedy Magic & Variety — Your host Tim Wise
Michael Tetro – From Burning Man to Hollywood
Jeff Lockett — Con Man Confidential
Kevin Hall —  The Wild Man of Magic
Nick Diffatte –The New Comedy Star of Vegas!

9:00 PM — Your host is Will Bradshaw
Allan Ackerman — The Las Vegas Card Expert
Michael Tetro – Hollywood’s New Magic Sensation
Kevin Hall — Madcap Mayhem
Rocco — Modern Master of Mystery

10:00 PM  — Your host is Clyde McBride
Sonny Fontana — An Illusion that Is NOT to be Seen!
Kevin Hall — Comedy Magic as Seen on AGT
Michael Tetro – Magic in “Flow-Motion”
Nick Diffatte — The NEW star of Comedy Magic
Jeff McBride  — Toast of the Town!

See the Las Vegas Card Expert in Action.
PLUS:  Photography by Sheryl Garrett. Bar Magic with Zack Pattee. Scott Steelfyre, Corey Rubino, NEW Belly Dancers, Psychic Sideshow with Alan Scott, live art with Areeya – and many more surprises and special celebrity guests!!

We are now preparing for our upcoming classes on tour, online and here in Las Vegas. Please drop us an email and let us know when you plan to visit!

Your friends in magic,

Jeff and Abbi

 March, 2018 – Magic & Mystery School Events
12 New System –  Online with Jeff McBride
19 New System –  Online with Larry Hass
20-25 6-Day Magic & Mystery School Spring Training
20-21 Spring Training – Focus on Card Magic
22-23 Spring Training – Focus on the Classics of Magic
24-25 Spring Training – Focus on Grand Illusions
26 New System – Online with TBA
March 2018 – Jeff McBride Calendar
15 McBride’s WONDERGROUND – Las Vegas
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Andre Kole SAM Assembly 248 Upcoming Events

Andre Kole SAM Assembly 248 Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 19th Chris Rawlins (and election) 6:30

NEW LOCATION: PARK TERRACE Senior Living (former Embassy Suites) 2577 W. Greenway Rd.

Chris Rawlins is a Professional Mentalist, from the North of England.

In 2010 Chris published his first manuscript Mind Experiments, with the guidance of Kenton Knepper, which received critical acclaim from the Magic and Mentalism community.

Since 2010, Chris has shared more of this thoughts in various forms, 2012 saw Chris’s release of Roulette. A book full of Mentalism routines and some theory, that received great acclaim and comments from Bob CassidyLuke Jermay, Graham Jolley, Mark ElsdonMarc Paul, Banchek, Peter Turner, Colin Mcleod, Chris Cox and Luca Volpe, to name a few. Roulette has since seen a second printing, been released as an ebook and also been recently translated into French.

In 2013 Chris spoke at much respected The Sesssion Convention, about the release of his clipboard peek REVEAL. Luke Jermay said REVEAL was and is “The ultimate clipboard glimpse.” This, like the rest of Chris’ work, received fantastic reviews, acclaim and comments from the Magic and Mentalism community. Soon after Chris toured Europe, lecturing all over France, the Netherlands and beyond.

2014 saw Chris release his first stand alone DVD with Vanishing Inc Magic, Leading Thoughts. Featuring live performances of effects from Chris’s catalogue, alongside some previously unpublished routines and ideas.

In the past 5 years, Chris has gained a strong reputation for creating modern, unique and creative material. Uri Geller says that “Chris is a creative, original thinker and a truly great performer, his skills and talents mesmerised me. I highly recommend you all to see him in action.”

Currently Chris works full time as a Mentalist and Performer, entertaining the real world, and sharing his routines, methods and approach to Mentalism in the Magic world.


May 19th & 20 Sat./Sun. Combined Installation IBM/SAM with Show 19th by TOMAS & lecture 20th.

Limited to 60 participants ONLY contact Bob Cozzari ASAP @ Pueblo Norte

June 3 Sunday Spain’s outstanding illusionist , 2017 European FISM winner Adrian Vega @ Park Terrace

IBM meeting Tuesday March 20th regular meeting topic “tricks you’ve learned from The Linking       Ring”

        IBM West is doing very well and more details as they develop


Brad Zinn is presenting The Great Comedians @ The Herberger Theater Stage West March 23. 24, 25
              tickets $35 & $50 special 10+ tickets, featuring MC Pat McMahon
Direct from Broadway, Adam Trent presents The Illusionists “Next Generation of Magic” Ikeda Theater, Mesa 
                       Arts Center tickets $65 to $87 special 10+ tickets
Craig Davis presents Davis Circus of Illusion a terrific intimate theater 6105 N. Cattle Track Rd., Scottsdale. Craig features     
                       singing, juggling, amazing illusions & great cookies. Tickets $38 & $48 special prices for IBM/SAM members.
                       Saturday nights @7:30 call: 480) 330-1592
Want to serve on our Board? contact Jeff Payton at

Brad Zinn @ Gaslight Music Hall

Hope to see all my Southern Arizona friends there! I’ve added a bit of new material to keep it fresh for those of you that may have seen the show before. And if you’ve never seen the show, please don’t wait! This MAY be your last chance…thanks!
PS. Be seated a bit early to see Ms. Bre’s Vaudeville Sand Painting! You’ll be sorry if you miss this!

Great Show Coming up

We should put this out to the club email list and post it on the IBM and SAM websites ASAP…
I heard Friday night with Celebrity Host Pat McMahon is going to be a great experience! 
Lets spread the word and support our fellow performers in the valley! 
Share this link with all and lets help Brad sell out his shows! 

Ring 55 West News

Hello Fellow Magicians,

           What a Great turn out and Fun time for our organizational meeting of I.B.M. West! This e-mail is being sent to you because you had signed up at our first west side meeting. According to the list we had twenty 
20 attend. Five of the twenty were visiting from the East side and said they would come on occasion. That still leaves us with 15 magicians from the West side that are interested in forming a Ring on the West Side.
After the business part of the meeting it was awesome to see the volunteers that performed Magic and also the wonderful fellowship. 
         Thanks again to everyone for coming out and signing up…….And a special thanks to Joe from Wacky Zach’s Magic for his hospitality. Our next get together will be on Thursday March 15th. The doors will be open
like last month at 6:00 and we will start at 7:00.  It was brought up that because the meeting is just two days before St. Patricks Day that we should think Green!  That could be Money Magic, leprechauns, shamrocks,
or what ever magic you would like to do.  Please RSVP for the next get together so that we do have enough chairs. (and try to bring a new member with you)  Also for the members that signed the Petition for Ring Charter, 
Please e-mail me your Membership number so that I can submit the petition.
      I mentioned earlier that some of the members from the East Side will visit us on occasion, and they also invite us to attend their meeting on the Third Tuesday of the month. As a professional courtesy you can attend
their meetings, however you do not need to pay dues at both. Meeting are held at El Pueblo Norte 7090 E. Mescal Scottsdale, AZ 85254.   (near Shea and Scottsdale Rd.) 
     With starting a new Ring we will need a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  I ask you all to start to think about taking on a position so that we can discuss and nominate in March and have election in
Frank Pastula
602-818-1893  Cell
Below the pictures of the last meeting.

Jim Pickrell Update

Hello everyone this is Kene, Jim Pickrell’s Godson. I wanted to give all of  you a status update on how Jim is doing after his massive heart attack. After 6 weeks of touch and go in the ICU he has been released to home care woohoo! not in the best of shape and confined to a wheelchair but still with us. He could use a bit of cheering up now so give him a call or shout out to him or send him a email at 602-973-7083 or