Ring 55 March Meeting

Ring 55 March Meeting


Hello All Ring 55 members. March is here (but as of this writing it sure doesn’t feel like it) Our March meeting will be Tuesday March 20th at Pueblo Norte in Scottsdale. The theme for this month’s meeting is:



Every month we all or almost all of us get the Linking Ring Magazine as part of our National IBM dues and believe it or not there is a LOT of GREAT magic contained in those pages every month. Just ask Jay Gorham, every month Jay brings something really good to perform and teach and 9 times out of 10 it came from the Linking Ring. I know most of just scan the ads, check the obit section to make sure we’re still alive and then look for our names in the Ring Report (when it does get sent in) so grab ANY Linking Ring, find an effect you like and perform it at the meeting. You can also do an effect out of Genii, Magic Magazine, MUM or People Magazine.

(OK I threw in People Mag just to see if you’re paying attention) Bring the copy of the magazine or a print out of the effect if you can. That way those who wish to learn the effect can find the material.


Bob Coluzzi just sent out dues notices so dig under your cushions, look under your car seat and check your pockets to come up with your dues of $35.


And the END of my term as President IS NEAR!! Just a reminder in April it’s time to throw me out of office and do your civic/magic duty and elect new officers.


Social hour is 6 to 7pm with meeting starting promptly at 7pm.


Reminder eat something BEFORE you come as there is no food.


Pueblo Norte

7090 E Mescal St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

SAM Event: Gregory Wilson March 1

It’s almost here !!! THURSDAY MARCH 1 comes in like a Lion with:

Don’t Miss This Event !!!!   7:00 (doors open 6:30 @ Pueblo Norte 7090 E. Mescal, Scottsdale, Az 85254
                                                                                         West side Scottsdale Rd, just north of Shea Blvd.
                                                                                         turn Right & plenty of parking lower level.
Inline image 1
Coming Events: from England Mentalist Chris Rawlins April 17th @ Park Terrace Retirement Home 2577 W. Greenway
                     May SAM/IBM 1st annual joint installation Pueblo Norte (featuring Tomas from Chicago)
                     June from Spain Adrian Vega, Illusionist
                     July Eric Stevens “Perspective”
Valley Magic: Brad Zinn presents The Great Comedians @ Herberger Theater Stage West March 23, 24, 25 be sure to be
                      seated15 minutes early as Ms. Bre presents the “lost art of sand paintings” she learned from Melba Dew. Tickets
                      $35 & $50 with 10 ticket “special” www.GreatComedians.net
                      Adrian Trent direct from Broadway presents The Illusionists: Next Generation of Magic Ikeda Theater, Mesa
                      Arts Center, tickets $65 to $87 “special” 10 or more
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: April is our new election month. There will be many Board changes. If you wish to assist by serving
                      in an office or on a committee please contact Jeff Payton prior to our April meeting. erskineradio@gmail.com
Free for SAM paid Assembly members, non-members $20 (yearly dues
            still only $35.00,

Photos from February 2018 Meeting

2018 February Meeting

Possible Cresey workshop! 

Cresey workshop! 
This is a rare opportunity folks! 
Don’t delay! 
30.00 bucks! You will learn to make your own mouth coils!
We need a certain commitment to secure him act now!
This is Carisa’s portion 
Vote your date! February 21st or 23ed
Wacky Zack’s Magic
602-548-8667 shop
623-606-6997 Magic and Balloons

January Meeting Ring Report

Ring 55 Phx Ring Report for January 2018

Our first meeting of 2018 was all about forces. You might say it was a “Tour de Force” or a “Force to be Reckoned With” definitely the “Force” was with us tonight. We had three of our members give a mini lecture on different forces by first performing then teaching the effects. Plus after the lectures and a break several of our members performed. This well attended meeting really showcased the talent we have in our ring.

Our lectures were Larry Wilfong, Jay Gorham and Ring Pres David Goldberg. First up was Larry Wilfong who presented tales from Lazy Larry’s Casino

(Larry explained to the assembled throng that he didn’t like to loose, BUT was too LAZY to wait for the odds to come around to favor the House and too LAZY to learn sleight-of-hand methods for cheating, sooo the only option left was TO USE MAGIC.)

1.)  Don Alan’s BIG DEAL.  Spectator shuffles deck and cards are dealt face down onto the back of a Jumbo Card.  Spectator freely decides upon which card to stop dealing (no force!).  That card matches the Jumbo Card.

2.)  ALWAYS A WINNER.  6 sealed coin envelopes numbered 1-6 are displayed in a row.  5 audience members are each given a die and a dice cup and instructed to roll the die. He/she is given the envelope indicated by the top number on the die to open and told there is definitely genuine U.S. money inside.
Each of the 5 rollers finds a shiny new American penny in his/her envelope.  The remaining envelope belongs to Lazy Larry and it is discovered to contain a beautiful 1922 Silver Dollar!

3.)  52 on 1 WITH JUMBO PREDICTION ON BACK.  (This force utilized a unique “cut-out” card to facilitate a super easy second-deal force.)

4.)  VINTAGE/RARE TENYO (T-66) OCCULT BOARD.  A small version of Mental Epic without forcing a card!  Helpers from the audience were given the opportunity to select from a group of miniature coins, shuffle & freely select a playing card from a miniature deck and to total the top numbers on three miniature dice.  All three were predicted in advance with 100% accuracy by the one and only Lazy Larry from Lazy Larry’s Magic Casino!

A deck of cards freely shuffled by a member of the audience and the deck then spread face down on the table.  Audience helper is instructed to slide any card out of the deck face down.  This card is isolated in a clear glass to preclude the performer being able to do anything tricky with it (e.g. switch it for another).

A genuine magic artifact–a wooden presentation box  from the North Wales Magic Circle gifted to Dr. Zina Bennett on September 7th 1956–had been entrusted earlier to another member of the audience.
Lazy Larry, representing Lazy Larry’s Magic Casino, explained the history of the box AND stated it contained a deck of jumbo playing cards.  The glass was turned facing the audience revealing the previously selected card (3 of Hearts).  The card was removed from the glass (glass shown to be unmistakably empty after the card was removed).  The audience member in possession of the box was instructed to open the box, remove the deck of Jumbo Cards and to display the one face down card in the deck.  IT WAS THE 3 of HEARTS!

Next up was Jay Gorham who performed and explained an unusual effect with a wooden puzzle map of the United States. The puzzle was displayed and then put into a cloth bag. Jay then displayed a deck of cards each card having the name of a state written on it. A card was freely selected by a member of the audience and when the puzzle was removed from the bag one state was missing and found loose in the bag. The missing/loose state was found to match the state name on the selected card.

Jay then had a card “freely” selected from a deck and after a few attempts to find the card a picture of the card was found on a silk handkerchief which had been in Jay’s front pocket from the beginning of the effect.

David Goldberg was the final lecturer. David showed two effects one used the 1089 force principle and the other other used the 99 force. On the first effect David invited three spectators up and handed each a third of a deck cards. A fourth spectator was invited up and handed a pad and pen. The first three spectators were instructed to shuffle their packets as much as they wanted and then select a card, and look at it but not show it to anybody. The fourth spectator was asked to think of any random three digit number and through a convoluted series of mathematical operations arrive at a four digit number. Which happened to be SURPRISE!! 1089. The three spectators then revealed their selections which turned out to be a 10 8 and a 9!

The last item was a marketed Jay Sankey effect that uses the 99 principle. A spectator was asked to think of any 2 digit number and again through a series of calculations arrive at a totally different random number. Then the spectator was shown a list of 99 random items and remember the one that was at their number. David asked the spectator to concentrate on that item and then David read his mind and drew a picture of what the spectator was thinking of.    

After a short break and our raffle in which David Goldberg DID win something we had three more of our members get up and perform.

First up was Gary Lazok who performed an effect he called 4 And 1 Empty as in 4 coins and 1 empty pocket. This was a very good coins to pocket effect of Gary’s own creation where 4 coins travelled mysteriously from the hand to an empty pocket. It was such a good effect I’m glad Gary didn’t teach it as that would have spoiled the magic. Sometimes its nice to just sit back and enjoy some good magic.

Second up was Leigh Hotz and the lovely Mamata performing a mental game show complete with music and a VERY large pair of dice which were used to select  a tool from a tool catalog. The tool selected was a 8 foot metal ladder which Leigh somehow pulled from a very small bag.

Lastly Bob Coluzzi finished off the evening with a prediction effect, a commercial effect by Max Maven  (AKA Phil Goldstein) known as Psign, where he accurately predicted what symbol a spectator freely choose from a list of symbols.

David Goldberg



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Ring 55 West First Meeting
The first ever meeting of a Ring 55 West will take place Thursday February 15th at Wacky Zack’s
Magic Shop 4326 W. Bell Rd in Glendale, AZ  85308
This is exciting news and long over due for our fellow magicians who live in the West Valley. It our goal for this to become a new stand alone Ring. Maybe we should call it the Frank J Pastula Ring in honor of Frank Pastula who put a lot of work into this to make it happen.