Respect The Magic Meeting

Hello all and thank you for your time! 
our next meeting is 2-21-19 
Everyone started to arrive at 6 last meeting but, we won’t officially start until 7pm 
Just as an update we will be having a short introduction from myself Then Allen Zing has volunteered to do a talk on David Copperfield and do an analysis of a magic performance we should all be looking at! Frank will be offering “The Frank Review” on a great little trick called Light Paint! I have to tell you all that this is a cool little trick and I have a feeling you will all want to order it! 
Club members typically get 10% off but, we are going to just round it down this trick sells for 34.95 but, if you like what Frank has to say then for Respect the Magic members it will be only 30 bucks! 
Thanks for all your support and anyone who is interested in giving a talk or lecture please contact me! 
If you would like to continue to receive information on Respect the Magic and where we are going please sign up by clicking the link and following directions.
Thank you for your help and time! 
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Curt’s Corner: February Magic

Hello All:

Our February meeting is coming up on the 19th at 7:00 pm at Winfield’s (see attached and below for map and address).  This month’s theme will be “Perform an effect from your favorite book/DVD, or in honor of Gary Darwin (who is in poor health), your favorite Thumb Tip effect”. I look forward to meeting visitor Joel Ash who is the head of the Wizards of the Upper River Valley Magic Club in Grantham, NH and is a long time IBM member, Welcome Joel! Also I received and e-mail about a young person with a burning passion for magic who might possibly join us, so welcome also to Julian!  Last meeting we had a couple of IBM members who came to visit and had some great contributions. I believe they will be back again this month, so everyone come on out and let’s have a great meeting!  Also I understand that Jay Gorham has recently undergone some surgery and want to wish all the best to him.  As an aside, I first met Jay by winning a magic book that he had offered on EBAY.  Seeing that he lived here in the valley, I asked if I might pick the item up rather than him having to ship it to me.  He graciously said yes and gave me his home address.  When I arrived Jay welcomed me into his home and we started discussing magic and before I knew it we has established some common ground.  Jay was able to fill in some missing issues of “The Sorcerer’s Eye”, a John Mendoza publication that I did not have, and he just gave them to me!  Jay has always been the one to greet and remember me with a smile and handshake at every IBM meeting I have attended and I thank him for that.  Get well Jay!

Here are a couple of upcoming events to start thinking about (thank you to David Goldberg for arranging the lectures):

·         Mike Fisher Magic show at Winfield’s (not affiliated with clubs) = in March (dated to be confirmed) He was AWESOME when he was here last time!

·         Olmac lecture = April 12th (with location and time to be confirmed) = Look him up on youtube, he’ll also be at the Magic Castle and in Las Vegas.

·         Scott Alexander = May 8th (with location and time to be confirmed) = Needs no introduction, just be there!!!!

·         Some members have expressed an interest in an “Open Mic” night at Winfield’s so we are working on that, more info soon, but let me know if you might be interested.

·         John Guastaferro will be at the Magic Castle in March = Anyone going to the Castle for this and can you sneak me in?  John G is great!

·         Bruce will be sending out local club dues notifications.

·         Ring #55 nominations and elections are coming up in April, so be thinking about who you would like as your board members and make your voice heard.

·         Gary Lazok (SAM Club) Lecture is tomorrow night at Denny’s 7000 E. Mayo Blvd. = I’ll be there, Gary is excellent!

Here are the directions to Winfield’s:


7025 E Osborn Rd

Scottsdale, AZ

From Scottsdale Road head west on Osborn Rd

At 71st street (first street after Olive Garden) turn left (south)

Turn into the first driveway on the right which will be the parking lot for First Baptist Church of Scottsdale

Park in any available spot, head west on the street side sidewalk (Osborn Rd) and you will see the coffee shop with outdoor lights and outdoor tables

Come on in!

I look forward to greeting everyone and meeting new friends!

Curt Godsey

Ring #55 Secretary


SAM 248 February 6! Gary Lazok: Creating the Real Magic!

Greetings, SAM 248!

We are in for a real treat for our next meeting on February 6, 2019 at 6:00 at Denny’s on 7000 E Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85054!  Our own Gary Lazok will be presenting!

This month’s theme is; “Creating the Real Magic”

Enjoy an evening of Magic and fun as award winning professional magician and out of the box thinker Gary Lazok will be lecturing at the Society of American Magicians, Andre Cole assembly #248 on February 6th 2019. (Dennys). After a brief introduction, Gary will display jaw dropping, eye popping magical effects that you can learn and have fun with while hiding an object in plain sight. Gary is noted for creating and performing various theme shows, plus creating or redesigning props to fit any one of his particular themes, (Props displayed). He also has the ability for writing a good story line to accompany the magic, making his shows more entertaining, and will discuss the process of adding storylines plus subtleties and choreography. He will also share thoughts on how to improve a show, and ideas and successes on how to “get the gigs”, regardless of your expertise.

Q. & A. throughout program.

Here’s a bit about Gary!

Gary’s been on all local TV news broadcasts, (including PBS channel 8) and contestant on AGT.  Recently his audience numbers for kids have sky rocketed to over 100,000, as he’s a vendor for the cities of Ch. Te. Gil. QC. Av. & Su., and the house magician at resorts, and the Phx. Zoo magician. Performing at restaurants/ dinner theatre’s, and many events throughout the valley, with highlights including performing at the Mint hotel in Las Vegas.

Respect The Magic Meeting

Thanks for all who came out Thursday night! 
Our next meeting February 21 the third Thursday of every month! 
Our goal is to respect magic and help guide beginners in the world of magic. We would love to work with the other clubs and help grow the art of magic anyway we can. 

  • I asked and am asking for anyone willing to do an interview with me on magic. Any form any style anything my intention is not to give away secrets but, I wish to help use this footage to guide the next generation in magic. I created a series on youtube only put a few episodes up. It is called Rules of the Road to becoming a magician. It is just some insight to my perspective on magic. You can disagree if you like and I would appreciate feedback. I intend on doing some more shooting soon and can only get better if I hear good and bad feedback so don’t hold back. However, anyone willing to just sit with me and let me interview them ask questions find out who inspired you in magic. If you have advice to people getting started in magic what would it be and why? If you are interested just reach out to me and we can schedule the time! 
  • Some great topics were brought up and I thank everyone for their ideas. Joe thanks for the idea of doing a circle with the chairs! Jerry had a very ambitious idea for us as a group depending how we evolve! We are still evolving and seeing where this group is going to go but, we would love more participation. We only have so many seats in the shop so get in now while you can! We are doing the best we can but, it is just Michelle, Joseph and myself and Joseph may have his first professional job offer after graduating from ASU last May! Any offers of help will not be refused! 
  • We have a small library of books and magazines I mentioned I am trying to have more organized so members can go though them and we could even build a resource base for all the magicians here in the valley! I will have updates at the next meeting! 
  • We talked about the amazing Brad Zinn and mentioned his show coming up next weekend! We had a show planned at our shop but, I spoke with Tom who was going to be preforming and we agreed we are going to cancel this months show to support Brad! So Please spread the word! Here is more information about the show!

For our next meeting and we do hope you can come join us! 

  • Doors are open right when the shop closes
  • At 7pm a quick update and statement of goals for the next month
  • Duke gave a great idea of analyzing and discussing shows/acts and performers both current and from the past. Allen Zing has been kind enough to volunteer to do a brief history on David Copperfield as well show an old performance that should not be forgotten. Sorry guys we had to bump Shim Lim… 
  • Wacky Zack’s Magic is going to order a new trick that Frank is going l review and then we are going to raffle it off. 
  • After all that fun we will mingle hang out and enjoy each others companies. Wacky Zack’s Magic will be providing free soda and water. We are not yet able to offer snacks but, if anyone wants to bring some be our guest. 

Please feel free to give me feedback folks! Good or bad I need to hear it or I can’t help make this better! 
What do you y’all think of this logo for Respect the Magic? Does anyone like it? 
Thanks all and best to you all! 
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Saturday Magic

Bob Coluzzi1:41 PM (7 hours ago)

Hi all. Don’t forget our magic Saturday get together this Saturday Jan 12, 2019 at 12:00 noon at pueblo norte senior village 7090 E Mescal St Scottsdale AZ.  Don’t forget our free raffle drawing for 12 people for  magic trick. The only catch is that you must perform it at the designated month on your draw here at Magic Saturday. See Bob if you would like to participate in the drawing.
See you all Saturday……….

Ring 55 Meeting January 15th

Happy New Year All:

Sorry for the late notice but our January meeting is scheduled for the 15th at the usual time(7:00pm) and still at Winfield’s (see attached for directions).  I think the theme for this meeting should be any new magic you received or learned over the holiday season!  Also a quick reminder that the Magic Saturday event is this Saturday at Pueblo Norte and it sounds like the group has some fun events planned.  Contact Bob Coluzzi for more information.

Look forward to seeing you all on the 15th!

Curt Godsey

Ring 55 Secretary