September Meeting

Hello Everyone:

Our September meeting is coming up one week on the 17th  7:00pm at Winfield’s. Bring a couple of effects to perform and share with the group and I will have my laptop to show a video if anyone is interested.

Upcoming events:

·         Nathan Coe Marsh = Lecture September 24th (two weeks from tomorrow).  Combined lecture with SAM to be held at Irwin Pasternack’s place at 745 W Maryland in Phoenix.  Looking forward to seeing the new SAM meeting place! Contact if you have any questions.  If your club dues are current this lecture is free of charge, otherwise it’s $20 for non-members.

·         The Annual Magic Auction will be Saturday October 19th at the same campus as Winfield’s but with a larger space (In bldg C1 “Curry Hall”) We are planning a stage show along with the auction so put this on your calendar and let us know if you are interested in performing. Please see the separate notice recently sent out for further details.

·         Bill Wisch =  November 20th, also see attached Flyer.  I personally look forward to attending this one as Bill is a protégé of Slydini and is authorized in writing by Slydini to present his magic.  Here’s a link to part one of his Castle Act and Lecture Announcement

·         Ring #55 Holiday Banquet will be the first Saturday in December (12/7), further details to follow.

See you at Winfield’s!

Thank you:

Curt Godsey

Ring #55 Secretary

Magic Auction Info

Curt Godsey
Sat, Sep 7, 1:24 PM (1 day ago)
to Curt

Hello Everyone:

It’s that time of year again, our Annual Bert Easley/Danny Dew Ring #55 Magic Auction is coming up on Saturday, October 19th from 10:00 am to about 3:00 pm! This year we will have a bigger space and more tables available. It will be on the same campus as last year but rather than Winfield’s we will use Curry Hall for the auction. We would also like to do a show for the public (Halloween theme?) after the auction, so let me know if you would like to perform! Due to a scheduling issue we may have to use Winfield’s for this show. Table rentals for items you would like to sell yourself are $10.00 and can be reserved thru the Ring #55 web site at, or contact our treasurer Bruce Lindvig at to use paypal or any of the popular payment platforms. If you rent a table, you keep all proceeds. If you would like to auction items yourself, please fill out the attached spreadsheet so we can track the sales. All self auctions will pay 10% of sales to Ring #55 and this year we will do CASH or CHECK only as we won’t have access to card payment options (maybe paypal, but I’ll let you know). Start cleaning out that magic closet or drawer(s) and sell that unused stuff. Last year we had a great turn out with some surprises along the way! Put this on your calendar and join us for a great time!

FBCS Campus Location:

7025 E Osborn Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Major cross streets are Scottsdale road and Osborn road. Attached is a photo so you can see we will have plenty of parking on both sides of the building.

More details to come…feel free to contact me if you have any questions….


Curt Godsey

Ring #55 Secretary


Ring 55 Report for July 2019

Ring 55 Report for July 2019

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Winfields Coffee Shop 7025 E. Osborn Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85251

President: Robert Ray (e-mail

Treasurer: Bruce Lindvig (

Secretary: Curt Godsey (

Web Master: Leigh Hotz (

President Robert Ray opened the meeting promptly at 7:00pm.  We had several new people attending this meeting so we opened with everyone introducing themselves and giving a little personal background. We then had general discussion regarding the recently concluded IBM Convention held right here in Scottsdale.  Everyone shared their favorite moments and memories and there were a lot of great one’s. 

 Several of us volunteered to pick up VIP’s at the airport and shuttle them to the convention venue.  We were lucky enough to pick up many of the big names such as Joshua Jay, Jessica Jane, and Matt Baker just to name a few.  This being my first convention, I thought it was fantastic! The Talking Stick Resort was great and there were plenty of amenities.  Everything was contained in the resort which made getting to all of the events very convenient. The dealer room was very well attended and had plenty of varied vendors.  I particularly enjoyed Mark Mason, Andy Greget, Iowa Magic, and Daytona Magic, but ever vendor was well stocked and very friendly.  

At the beginning of the convention we all got a poster with pictures of all of the performers and an opportunity to get autographs by all. What a great opportunity to meet Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, Lawrence Hass, Jon Armstrong, Robert Baxt, Bizzaro, Banacek, Shawn Farquhar and so many more!  Another real highlight was getting to meet Mark and Nani Wilson along with their son Greg. Greg was raffling off a one of a kind promotional deck of cards to raise funds for his project to restore all of the footage of “The Magic Land of Alakazam”! The close up competition was a lot of fun and the winners were well deserved. A big shout out to our local hero GeNo the GenYes for his win in the youth contest and keep an eye out for Josep Vidal the adult winner.  The stage competitions were great but the winner of the adult contest Masayo Sato, all I can say is WOW, she was fantastic! 

All of the evening shows were excellent and this big highlight for me was the Wilson’s on stage with outgoing president and local hero Michael Finney.  Mark was funny and gave a great tribute to Michael and you could tell it meant a lot to Michael to have such an honor. I could go on and on about the convention, but check out the blog on the IBM web site for more coverage and some great pictures.  

Our meeting continued with everyone demonstrating their favorite effects and we concluded with a video clip of one of my favorite performers, John Guasteferro, demonstrating a great spectator cuts the aces routine.  Of course several of us stayed late to do card tricks for each other. A great time was had by all and we look forward to next month!

Curt Godsey – Secretary

Respect The Magic Update

joe@wackyzacksmagic.comFri, Aug 2, 1:44 PM (3 days ago)

Hello everyone! 
I am currently putting Respect the Magic on hold. 
We have a lot going on and might be moving our shop for several reason in the next 6mos. That could change but, frankly we need more business to make this space make sense. If anyone knows anyone needing magic, entertainment of all types as we have our limitless entertainment company or of course magic lessons! 
I will keep you all posted about Respect the Magic but, I am not expecting to put much time or work into it for the rest of the year unless things change for us in a few ways. 
I am also as many of you know President of SAM 248 I am working very hard to help rebuild that club. There are only so many hours in any one day and I am doing the best I can to make things happen! If anyone wants to rejoin or knows anyone who wants to join we can use the support! 
SAM 248 just recently secured a new location in central Phoenix and we will be announcing it this weekend via email. Our next meeting for SAM 248 that will be held on 8-7-19 in Central Phoenix around 7st and Maryland! We plan to have a connessions table with complimentary finger foods. There is no charge but, donations are very welcome! We would love to find someone who has a passion for food to help us with this table every month. The new venue does have a nice kitchen and there are a lot of options for those who know what they are doing. 
We are in the process of creating a fun experience for all! We need volunteers though so if you will help let us know! I just spend an hour working on food for the next meeting for If you are not signed up for the SAM email list please contact Ben Garcia” <>
Keep magic clubs alive! 
If you need to pay your dues! Or consider rejoining SAM 248! If we all work together we can do great things!
SAM 248 also appreciates any donations! The more money we have to work with the more options we have to bring more magic to the valley! little bit helps! Thank you for your support! Joe
Wacky Zack’s Magic