Darrin Race Newsletter

Darrin Race News Letter 2
Hi Guys,
Wow! Two months have already passed since my first newsletter.
This one is going to be short and sweet. Good things are starting to happen.
I’m producing a new show called “Yesterday Once More” Its a tribute show
To legendary stars of the past, such as Bobby Darin, Dean Martin,
Buddy Holly, Patsy Cline, Frankie Valli, Elvis and many more.
The show opens this Sunday August 19th at the Railroad Pass Casino in
Henderson NV. We will be doing Sunday only and is combined with the
Sunday brunch buffet. You get the Buffet AND the 2pm show for only
$12.95 plus tax.
I have to go for now but hope next letter is longer. Try to make it out to see
the show if your in the area. Below is the show info.


Teach Me….Teach You! Meeting for August

Tuesday, August  21st 7:00PM
Our next meeting will be at the Las Vistas Clubhouse.



At this meeting YOU are the teacher AND the student. Everyone is expected to perform, then teach ONE TRICK. Any trick. If you do not wish to teach a trick, you can give us a trick, book, or video review of something you bought.


 The Las Vistas Clubhouse,

(where we normally have our holiday party)

which is located at

11112 E. Gary Road in Scottsdale.

Kenton Lecture

In August, SAM 248 has another legend for a lecturer. 

 None other than Kenton Knepper will be our lecturer

for the WEDNESDAY, Aug. 1st meeting 


We are meeting at the usual place – Coco’s 4514 East Cactus Road, PHX 85032

   Members Free, non-members $20.

The socializing and raffle sales start at 6:30 pm and our club business meeting starts at 7:15 pm sharp.   

Kenton’s lecture begins at 7:30 pm


Club Business 7:15 pm (15 min total)

 1.       Call to Order

2.       Introduction of Members & Guests

3.       Treasurer Report

 4.       Secretary Report

5.       Program Committee Report

 6.       Old Business

7.       New Business – Good of the Order

8.       Close Meeting followed by lecture. 

 See you all there 

 J David Longley

Treasurer SAM 248


Laughing Larry

Here is one of many funny things Larry has found and shared with us. We like to pass it on to you to brighten your day….
The longest pass word ever
We laugh — but her I. D. is safe. (She must be a BLOND!!!)
During a recent password audit by a company, it was found that an employee was using the following password:
When asked why she had such a long password, she rolled her eyes and said:
“Hellooooooo! It has to be at least 8 characters long and include at least one capital.

June Ring Report

The June meeting was held at our temporary place, Larry Wilfong’s club house. There Were 3 guests. The meeting started with Larry Wilfong presenting the “work in progress” which Was A torn & restored card effect from the book “Edwin’s Magic” called Atom Flash.

Our dealers table was by Andy Greget. The theme of the meeting was Impromptu Magic. The items were provided by President Leigh Hots. Things you would find in someone’s home, in a restaurant or an office. We had to do something magical with our choice of and item. No thumb tips or cards allowed. Andy Greget did two in the hand one in the pocket. Our guest, Luke, did a rotating straw on thread spool. Larry Wilforng did a number prediction using 4 business cards. Next was hand through business card. Then Victor did a paper ball matrix with two bowls. We had some mentalism effects, paper balls over the head, a grocery price prediction and torn and restored thread. This was a great night and we some very creative effects by our members. This was Victors last meeting with us as he moving out of state. He will be missed.

Phil Tuttle