Magic Auction & Flea Market

Time to go thru your magic collection because our magic auction is coming up on October 18th. To reserve fleamarket table, contact Leigh Hotz at
This year the auction will be made up of three parts.
FLEA MARKET: Sellers can rent a table to sell their items directly. No comission taken out but table rental fee applies. Tables are VERY limited, so contact to reserve NOW!
LIVE AUCTION: This is the normal auction. Sellers are highly recomended to email Leigh a List of items they wish to sell ASAP so we can input them into the computer database. There will be NO RESERVES ALLOWED for the live auction. A 10% Comission fee is taken out of the total. (If you need a reserve price, you can place your higher price item in the SILENT AUCTION. or sell it directly by renting a flea market table.)
SILENT AUCTION: This is a special table where select items are auctioned off by bidding on a sheet of paper. Each item CAN have a RESERVE and there will be a set time limit to place your bids. Comission fees apply.