Upside Down Pail Wanted

Dear Sirs,
I’m a German magician and looking for a magic prop from Richard Himber. It was called the “Upside Down Pail” and Danny Dew was selling them in the 70’s and 80’s. It is very difficult to find this item. I would be glad if someone could help me, either to buy one or get the instruction, how I can try to built one only für my personal use.
Yours Hans-Peter Raggi

Mark Strivings Lecture


Tuesday, March 6th 7:00PM

 You seen him in magic magazines, you seen his routines and effects at magic shops, you read his books and watched his videos. NOW see him LIVE AND IN PERSON at Ring 55 meeting March 6th. Seating is limited so get there early.


Tuesday, March 6th 2012

at Electrician’s Union Hall


3232 N. 20th St.

just south of Osborn Rd.

in Phoenix, AZ

Magic Jubilee in New Jersey August 24-26

DATE: AUGUST 24-26-2012 

David Copperfield (via Satellite), Michael Finney, Banachek,
FISM winner:Topas, Marc Salem, Johnny Thompson, Losander,
FISM winner: Shawn Farguhar, John Pizzi, Stoil & Ekaterina
and many more acts…All booked and will be there on August 24-26…
Tony Spina former president of the world famous Tannen’s Magic Shop is coming out of retirement!. Tony has produced 39 magic jubilees dating back to 1968. Tony Spina literally has worked with the world’s greatest magicians. Tony has joined forces with event producer and performer Eric Citron to launch a new generation of magic jubilees.
With so many conventions being held these days, the Magic Jubilee will be a throw back to the great magic conventions of Yester-year.
The Magic Jubilee 2012 is an ALL Inclusive convention. The rooms, food, registration all included in one great price!
The only thing you will need money for is the Dealer’s Room!
         The One Price  ALL INCLUSIVE Convention Being Held at the Holiday Inn Select in Clinton, NJ includes: 
  • ¥    Registration
  • ¥    Your two-night sleeping room in deluxe newly renovated accommodations.
  • ¥    Dinner on Friday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday
  • ¥    Big Brunch on Sunday
  • ¥    Full evening shows on Friday and Saturday
  • ¥    Full show on Sunday Morning
  • ¥    Close-up Magic Shows on Saturday
  • ¥    Special Lectures all week-end
  • ¥    12 outstanding Dealers
  • ¥    David Copperfield personalized gift
  • ¥    Two Giant T.V.’s to bring you up close to the action
  • ¥    All Gratuities and Taxes
This is an ALL inclusive Package being held at the Holiday Inn Select in Clinton, New Jersey for only $395 per person for the entire weekend.
Can it get better? Yes it can. When 3 people stay in the same room, the cost comes down to $350 per person. If 4 persons stay in the same room, the cost comes down to $300 per person.
Please be advised we only have limited accommodations, so I advise you to make your reservations early. Don’t be left out!
Please contact Eric Citron at 908-391-6635 or email magicjubilee2012@ for any questions.

2012 is a new year of exciting events.

Your elected officers are busy behind the scenes planing an exciting new year of Ring 55 events. You can see our website is being upgraded and new features will be added soon.  New lectures, including “ICE” McDonald this month and Mark Strivings in March, work shops, and fun activities like the return of Liars Club and our Mystery Box activities. Keep updated on the latest events by visiting our website at and read the blog.

Website Upgrades

Leigh Hotz: The Wizard of FunAs you can see I am making changes to our website. You may see a new theme pop up or change from day to day while I am testing differnt formats and functions. New great features will be upcoming so keep checking back often.

Happy Holidays

We like to thank everyone who made this party a great sucess. Thanks to Larry & Gale for hosting this grand event and their work. Victor Gade for his performance and his talent in arranging the room for the best possible layout for the show.
Closeup entertainers including Kim, Jerry, Phil, Jay, and others. Clark for capturing our fun in photos, Fr James Blantz for his great humor and talent as our headliner, All the un-named people I forgot to mention, and Andy Greget for his fabulous Banana Foster dessert to finish off a great memorable night.

On behalf of IBM Ring 55 and myself I wish all of you happy holidays and a great new year.
– Leigh Hotz