Adam Elbaum Zoom Lecture

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Adam Elbaum Zoom Lecture

November 16, 2022 Ring 55 Club News & Events 0

Online Lecture

On Monday November 28th at 7pm we have Adam Elbaum lecturing on Zoom for us! Social hour begins at 6pm. This will be a fantastic lecture and I’m very much looking forward to it! He has great teachings and tips with Invisible thread that you’ll want to check out. He’s also a fantastic close up magician. Here is the link for that:

(For members only — see your club email for the Zoom link.)

All our online meetings and lectures will happen at that link and meeting ID. Please save it in your phones and computers. Zoom meetings and lectures won’t be going away. But in-person meetings are back now. So now we have more meetings and options than ever before. Even if you’re traveling out of AZ or live in another state you can still attend some of our meetings.

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