George Sands

Burt Easley/Danny Dew Ring


George Sands was born February 27, 1920 in New London, CT. He began practicing magic at the age of 17. George was an active member of the New York City magic scene with the guidance of Dr. Abe Hurwitz (father of Shari Lewis).
George joined the Legerdemaniacs, with notable peers as George Schindler, Frank Garcia, Howard Schwarzman and Ken Krenzel. He worked for Tannen’s Magic and Royal Magic.
Just before World War II, George developed his highly successful “Sandsational Rope” routine, then “Ropesational.”
Sands’ publication of his routine “Super Optical Illusion” inspired many packet tricks.
George Sands published over 800 pages of original magic routines, moves and tricks in a total of 17 booklets and was the first person to publish a substantial book on balloon sculpture.
George also created the Pot Belly Decks of cards, which work like stripper decks.
George lived his latter years in Arizona and died May 16, 2006 at the age of 86.