Jay A. Gorham

Burt Easley/Danny Dew Ring

Jay A. Gorham

The A. stands for Alan; Jay’s “show business name” is Jay Alan. However, before we delve into the Magic let’s take an imaginary visit back in time to see a clever little fellow whose mom is the Den Mother for his Cub Scout group. It’s his turn to perform something at the Den’s next monthly meeting. His mom makes a Cub Scout uniform for a Teddy Bear and Jay goes on stage as a ventriloquist. He’s never done ventriloquism before (he held the bear in front of his face so the audience couldn’t see his lips move), but he accepted the challenge and was a rousing theatrical success. That’s indicative of Jay’s approach to his personal, professional and magic life. By the way, Jay went on to become an Eagle Scout.

Not long after, Jay saw an advertisement in a magazine offering a catalog of 500 magic tricks. He rushed his ten cents to Douglas Magicland in Dallas and soon began ordering tricks and books. One of his first acquisitions was a trick called the POPCORN DYE BOX. He still performs this trick, customized with the Jay Creative Touch for special occasions.

In high school Jay served on the Student Council and was charged with the task of arranging Assembly Programs. He booked professional magician Verne Chesbro who became Jay’s mentor for many years. He invited Jay to his home and initially shared the Tarbell Course and the Fitzkee Trilogy with the enthusiastic young magician.

After college Jay started his career as a high school teacher. He progressed through several demanding positions from college mathematics instructor through Professor and Chairperson of the Mathematics Department which also encompassed Engineering and Science Programs.

His first magic club experience was joining the Mystic 13 in New York. In later years he served as Club President twice. He later joined S.A.M. Assembly #24 whose members recognized Jay for his outstanding efforts on behalf of the Club by naming it The Jay Gorham Assembly. He also administered and grew the national organization’s Film & Tape Library for nine years. In 1997 Jay was elected RVP of the Southwestern Region for two terms and National Second Vice President in 2000. Culminating in 2003 he was elected International President of the Society of American Magicians and served admirably. It’s worthy to note that through Jay’s efforts the organization’s dream of a permanent National Headquarters was realized.

Jay was a member of I.B.M. Ring #186 in the East and now, happily for us, is a member of Ring #55. Jay has served as our Treasurer for ten years. Behind the scenes he is a constant source of inspiration and enthusiasm. Jay quietly mentors up & coming magicians (and some of us old timers, too) and always lends a helping hand with Club Activities. He has an extensive Magic Library and an impressive Magic Collection, both of which he’s always willing to share.

Jay personifies what a good club member and a good magician should be.