Kenton Knepper

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Kenton Knepper


Kenton Knepper is world renowned for his teachings of linguistic deception, suggestion, trance illusion, multiple reality ploys, subtle influence, Wonder Words and what has now become known simply as “Kentonism” or “Kentonistic” principles or methods.

Kenton is also known for his creations in magic and mentalism, influencing the performances of everyone from Doug Henning to David Blaine.

Kenton was awarded the 2008 Creativity Award by the Psychic Entertainers Association, and the 2006 Magician of the Year Award by the Society of American Magicians Assembly #248.

Kenton Knepper’s writings and creations are studied by students around the globe. Kenton’s writings may be found in industry magazines in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Kenton’s other works include subliminal influence, practical meditation, hypnosis, intuitive tools, and psychological influence.