KJ Illusions

Burt Easley/Danny Dew Ring

KJ Illusions


Kim’s love of the magical arts started at age four when she purchased a Fisher-Price Magic Show with which she performed the act for her family. KJ’s first public performance was in a talent show at her school. She was in the second grade. Her first paid performance was a birthday party when she was eight.

KJ’s father joined Ring 55 (KJ was too young for membership) and Dad would relay to KJ what he had learned that evening.

KJ’s first illusion was “Lady From the Light” for a school talent show. She produced her fourth grade teacher who was almost 7 feet tall from the shadow box that was only 40 inches high.

By the time she was in the sixth grade KJ was a regular at the IBM meetings and at age 12 she was invited to join.

When KJ was a Junior in high school she was performing a full stage illusion show, running 90 minutes to 2 hours, in schools, churches, camps and retirement communities throughout Arizona.

Ring 55 had a scholarship program that allowed Kim to attend and graduate from the Chavez College of Magic in California.

KJ has been continuously active in Ring 55, serving as Secretary, President and most recently as Sergeant-At-Arms