Leigh Hotz

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Leigh Hotz

ABOUT Leigh Hotz

(aka: “The Wizard of fun”)

Leigh Hotz began his interest in magic at the age of 5 after he saw a magician perform and a public event. Leigh, being normally shy and introverted quickly found magic allowed him to be more social with people as well as being fun. Leigh learned most of his first magic tricks from books from the school library, and his Sunday school teacher who did magic part time. Leigh later expanded his magic collection buying from Yellow Barrel of Magic in Cleveland Ohio where he started working there at the age of 17 and later, got promoted as general manager of the small magic shop chain.

After working for the magic shop chain for 20 years, Leigh decided to open is own magic shop. Leigh has been a professional magician and magic consultant for almost 40 years performing for thousands around the USA at trade shows, conventions, clubs, and private events. Leigh has opened for international entertainers including The Four Tops and won many magic awards at local and regional magic conventions.

In 1988 Leigh won his 1st national magic award, The Society of American Magicians national Red Seal Award for the best use of comedy in a magic performance. Leigh had taught many magic students over the years, many who are still performing professionally today. Leigh is also a magic consultant for top magicians around the US designing, and creating new exclusive effects and routines. Leigh move to Arizona in 1996 and opened several magic shops in shopping malls.

In 2002, due to the poor economy after the 911 attacks Leigh was forced to closed his brick and mortar mall based stores, and moved the retail operations to selling exclusively on the internet at www.wizardmagic.com where even today, it has one of the largest selections of magic available from all around the world selling over 12,000 magic related products from hundreds of suppliers.

In 2014 Leigh opened a new mini-magic shop in a mall in Mesa Arizona in where magicians can once again, buy magic and supplies from a walk in store.

Leigh married his wife Mamata in 2005 who has not only supported Leigh and his career from day one, but acts as his stage assistant in shows. Leigh is very active in the magic community, he was elected three terms as president of IBM Ring 55 Magic Club and still acts as the club’s webmaster and newsletter and blog editor.

In June 2016, Leigh and Mamata was featured on NBC’s America’s Got Talent show after passing two interim auditions to get to the televised appearance.

In 2017, Leigh was inducted into the Ring 55 Magic Hall of Fame for his contributions to the art of magic.

In the future, Leigh plans to continue performing, consulting, and maybe write a book or two, to expand his magic footprint on earth until the day he can no longer perform a french drop.