Ring 55 History

Burt Easley/Danny Dew Ring

Ring 55 History

Ring 55 was founded by the original members of the Mystic 13 in Phoenix.

The ring was later named in honor of Bert Easley, and then later still, renamed in honor of Bert Easley and Danny Dew (yes, the “Cups and Balls” Danny Dew). Danny’s widow Melba

 passed away on September 29th, 2012.

Bert EasleyDanny DewMelba Dew

If you have information about Bert, Danny, The Mystic 13, or the early days of Ring 55, please contact Leigh Hotz leigh@ring55.org and let him know what you have, and whether you would be averse to seeing it on these pages!

Below is Danny Dew – doing what he did best

Bert on Bicycle 1955

Bert on Bicycle 1956

Convention Dinner (Bert, Carl Owen)

Lee Grabel, Eloy, AZ Show

Disneyland PCAM Convention

Disneyland PCAM Convention

Santa Barbara PCAM; Awards presentation (1955?)
On stage left to right: Ed Keener, Nanci Keener, Alice Charles (Gurtler), Bob Gurtler (Andre Kole), Dick Zimmerman, unknown, unknown female



This is to inform you that Melba Dew, 101, beloved wife of DannyDew, has gone to join Danny in the arms of the Lord. She passed at approximately 11:00 am Saturday, September 29th, 2012.

Melba was born in Pueblo, Colorado on June 1st, 1911. She and Danny went on the road in the 1930’s performing musical glasses, musical saw, magic, sand paintings, rag pictures, and Melba played the piano to accompany Danny. She saw two World Wars, the advancement of the automobile and the advancement of flight from commercial airlines to the landing on the moon. She also worked at the Pentagon while it was under construction during WWII.

She and Danny entertained audiences all across the country, between Danny’s employment as a head chef. Their audiences included many celebrities, including Shirley Temple and W.C. Fields.

After their days on the road, they settled in Phoenix where they continued to perform, as well as manufacture magic, including the renown Paul Fox line of products. They sold thousands of sets of Paul Fox Cups for use in the classic Cups and Balls. Melba did all of the polishing of the finished cups. 

Danny was the head chef for the Camelback Inn when it opened in the 1930’s, and was also the head chef at The WigWam Resort in Litchfield Park, AZ. Eventually they became the exclusive caterers for Bud Brown’s Barn, a popular venue in the northeast Phoenix area for Western Style events. They lived in a trailer right on the property.

Danny and Melba were friends with virtually all of the big names in the world of Magic, including Dai Vernon, Senor Frakson, Jay Ose, The Larsens, Ken Brooke, Fred Kaps, Chuck Kohrs, Joe Cossari, and hundreds of others. Many magicians would send Danny their latest creations for his coveted stamp of approval.

International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 55 (Phoenix), in the late 1970’s honored Danny and Melba with a well attended banquet with guests from all around the country. Ring 55 was soon renamed “The Bert Easley/Danny Dew Ring.” A second sold out banquet in their honor followed in the 1980’s.

Danny and Melba were the subject of an issue of Genii magazine in June 1979. Danny resisted the idea of being the subject of a magazine issue for many years, but once it became a reality, it was a point of great joy for both he and Melba. Danny also received awards from The Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences (aka The Magic Castle in Hollywood) in the 1980’s.